Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay: can you play with your friends across platforms

Looking for all the details about Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay? We have the latest updates from Ubisoft on how it will work in-game

Rainbow Six Extraction cross-play: Three Operators can be seen preparing to clear a room.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the next step for the Tom Clancy series, with a PvE, dungeon-based combat experience on offer for players. With a focus on co-op players are keen to know if the game will feature cross-play and how it will work. This is ever more important given Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Game Pass.

Cross-play has become a necessity for many online games in the latest generation of consoles as players want to play with friends, regardless of the platform they have. Most developers and Ubisoft have seen the writing on the wall and made the feature a focus for games ahead of their release.

But can you really play with everyone at launch across console, PC, and even Stadia? Can you turn cross-play off? Read on for a full overview of how Rainbow Six Extraction cross-play works.

Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay

Rainbow Six Extraction will have full cross-play across all platforms at launch. The game will also support full cross-progression thanks to Ubisoft Connect. This means that you can take your character, unlocks, and items across platforms no matter where you decide to play.

How Will Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay Work?

As the game isn’t out yet and we haven’t been able to get our hands on it, we aren’t sure how the functionality will work in practice. However, it will most likely be quite simple with a toggle in the game’s settings allowing you to take part in cross-play with other platforms.

To invite players on other platforms, the game will use your Ubisoft Connect name, instead of your platform’s gamertag or username.

Can You Turn Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay off?

Until the game releases we won’t know if you can turn Rainbow Six Extraction cross-play off. But, you can turn cross-play off in Rainbow Six Siege, so we would be surprised if Ubisoft doesn’t offer the same option in Extraction.

That covers everything we know about Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay. For more on how to play the game with other players, Ubisoft announced the Rainbow Six Extraction buddy pass in 2020, which allows you to give your friends a free trial to a chunk of the game.