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Halo Infinite walkthrough, tips, collectibles, and more

Here is our Halo Infinite walkthrough, which will help you battle through the game's campaign with collectibles guides, locations for new gear, and more

Halo Infinite walkthrough: Master Chief can be seen standing with the Zeta Halo Ring behind him in a piece of art.

Halo Infinite‘s campaign is expansive and hand-crafted, and so to is our Halo Infinite walkthrough. Blending linear levels with open-world sections, there is a lot to do and a ton of items to collect and keep track of.

While the first-class gunplay and excellent storytelling is the main focus for anyone playing through Infinite’s campaign, there are definitely other aspects that you’ll want to learn more about and explore. Whether it’s hoarding collectibles, uncovering easter eggs, or getting new upgrades, we’ve got a lineup of guides to help you out.

Halo Infinite walkthrough

Below you can find all of our guides on Halo Infinite, including the collectible locations, the best upgrades to buy early on, and how to unlock certain vehicles to get around easier.

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