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Halo Infinite campaign length - how long is the Halo Infinite campaign?

How long is the Halo Infinite campaign? We have spent some time with the game and can give you an approximate Halo Infinite campaign length.

Halo Infinite Length - Master Chief can be seen in a Pelican.

In many ways, Halo Infinite is the biggest game in the franchise to date. With linear missions and a fully explorable open world at your fingertips in its campaign, packed with objectives and collectables to find, it can take quite some time to get through.

Most of those objectives are optional, and if you want to stick with the story you will find a campaign length not too dissimilar from other Halo games from the last decade. But, if you are looking to fully liberate the Zeta Halo Ring, you will spend a lot more time driving around in a Warthog and clunking Banished over the head with a Gravity Hammer, resulting in a much longer campaign experience.

Read on to find out about the Halo Infinite campaign length and how long it will take you to beat the Halo Infinite story based on our playtime.

Halo Infinite Campaign length

Halo Infinite’s campaign length is at most about 20 hours if you’re looking to complete most of its content on normal difficulty.

If you are focusing on just the main story missions, expect to be playing for around seven to nine hours. However, if you are looking to fully complete everything on the Zeta Halo Ring, then you’re looking at between 16 and 20 hours of Halo Infinite campaign game time.

Of course, this playtime could also be longer if you are on a higher difficulty. But, based on our two playthroughs on normal difficulty, this is how long it took us to do everything in the game.

This is a fairly respectable size, putting its main story content in close competition with previous Halo games but giving more eager fans plenty more to do if they so wish.

As you’ll be spending a while battling it out in the game’s campaign, check out some of the best guns in Halo Infinite. To learn everything there is to learn about the campaign, our extensive Halo Infinite walkthrough is the place to go.