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Halo Infinite easter egg locations - all the biggest secrets

Both Bungie and 343 have historically littered Halo with all sorts of oddities, and they're not easy to find. Here are the Halo Infinite easter egg locations.

Halo Infinite Easter Egg Locations: Craig's album cover can be seen on the roof of the tower.

Easter eggs are a time-honoured tradition in the Halo series. From Sgt. Johnson giving an Elite a big ol’ hug in Halo: Combat Evolved’s Legendary ending cutscene, to the secret grunts that have been spotted as recently as Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries and Bungie before it have made sure to hide plenty of secrets in their games over the years.

Now, in Halo Infinite, the tradition continues. After all, you can’t have the full new-gen Halo experience without a few oddities littered about here and there. In fact, even Halo Infinite’s preview build already paid homage to Craig – the Brute who became a meme after 2020’s Xbox Games Showcase footage introduced us to him – with a pretty sweet tour set up on top of The Tower.

So, just where are the Halo Infinite easter egg locations? Well, if you read on then you’ll be sure to discover where 343 is stashing the goods.

Halo Infinite easter egg locations – campaign

Halo Infinite Pilot doll easter egg location

On what could very well be Zeta Halo’s tallest point lives a small, inflatable version of the Echo 216 Pilot. Nobody knows how he managed to find his way up there, though we reckon it was a tiny inflatable Pelican. Alongside the Pilot you’ll also find important survival supplies such as an oxygen tank, a water canister, and a tiny camping seat so he can keep a lookout for the Halo Infinite skull locations in comfort.

The mountain is very much traversable by foot, though we’d always recommend calling in a WASP or heading for a Halo Infinite Banshee location in order to save time and effort.

Halo Infinite Forerunner mural location

Should you find yourself all the way at the southernmost area of the map, you may stumble across some sort of Forerunner mural. According to the Circular Forerunner alphabet, the symbols translate as the letters ‘J’ and ‘H’.

Whether or not this is meant to be an acronym (if the Forerunners even used acronyms), or part of a broader secret yet to be discovered remains unseen. Perhaps it’s the legendary ‘John Halo’…

Halo Infinite Craig easter egg location

Originally discovered during Halo Infinite’s preview build, this Halo Infinite easter egg location requires a little bit of finesse to get to if you’re without access to either a Banshee or a WASP.

By scaling The Tower all the way to its pinnacle – which requires the reduced Grappleshot cooldown upgrade if you’re on foot – you’ll happen upon a slick stage setup celebrating Craig the Brute’s 2560 tour of Zeta Halo. Alongside this is a vinyl record of Craig’s greatest hits, including such classics as ‘I Smile Inside’, ‘My Mom Used to Love Me’, and the seminal ‘I Can’t Grow a Beard’.

Oh, and if you hop up to the platform just behind Craig’s shrine, you’ll happen upon one of the Halo Infinite skull locations.

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Halo Infinite easter egg locations – multiplayer

xGarbett – Red vs Blue, Among Us, and more

UK-based easter egg hunter ‘xGarbett’ had surveyed Halo Infinite’s multiplayer maps with a keen eye, spotting references to Red vs Blue, social sleuthing game Among Us, and even the legendary anime series Evangelion. Oh, and there’s a cat picture on Streets – very important.

Here are all the Halo Infinite easter egg locations for multiplayer that xGarbett has discovered so far.

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Rocket Sloth – Sandwich room, dev lockers, and more

Elijah ‘Rocket Sloth’ Elfo and friends tracked down all of the Halo Infinite easter egg locations in the game’s multiplayer mode. From lockers named after developers, to a room dedicated to a singular sandwich, there is a whole host of goodies hiding in the Halo Infinite maps. Some are in plain sight, while others require digging around various nooks and crannies for.

Here are all the Halo Infinite easter egg locations that Rocket Sloth and co. have discovered so far.

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And there you have it, our rundown of all the biggest and best Halo Infinite easter egg locations.

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