Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations – all Artifact locations

Hidden all over Halo Infinite's vast open world are seven ancient rings. Here are the Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact Locations for the Haruspis achievement

Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations: multiple soldiers can be seen standing around a Forerunner Artifact.

Halo Infinite’s huge open world is home to all sorts of collectible goodies for players to get their mitts on. From hunting down the Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations, to the fiendish Halo Infinite skull locations, there’s a lot to do if you want to clear everything Master Chief’s latest adventure has to offer.

Among all of the tiny pick-ups you’ll be combing Zeta Halo for, there are seven much larger points of interest – known as Forerunner Artifacts – that you must track down and scan, revealing the ancient data encoded within them. Scanning your first Artifact will unlock the ‘Eld Aficionado’ achievement, while successfully locating all of them will reward you with the ‘Haruspis’ achievement.

In this article we will give you a guide for the Halo Infinite Haruspis achievement and show you all of the Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations (they are pretty easy to spot as they are made up of giant rings). We’d absolutely recommend staving off your hunt until you have access either to a Banshee or WASP, as getting to some of these Artifacts can be a bit of a trek on foot. If you are looking for them, find out the Halo Infinite WASP location and Halo Infinite Banshee location in our other guides for Halo Infinite.


Without further ado, here are the Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations scattered across the Zeta Halo ring:

  • Artifact I Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact II Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact III Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact IV Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact V Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact VI Forerunner Artifact
  • Artifact VII Forerunner Artifact

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact I map


The Halo Infinite Artifact I location is close to where you help out Harpoon Squad in the north of the open area on Zeta Halo, up the hill to the east of FOB Charlie.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact II map


The Halo Infinite Artifact II location is at the lake south-east of Outpost Tremonius – the first UNSC base you liberate when you initially surface at the beginning of Mission 3. You’ll also find a Halo Infinite Mjolnir Locker location nearby, so be sure to snag it while you’re there.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact III map


Next, you can move onto Artifact III due southwest from the Ransom Keep outpost, at the top of a hill. Fast travelling to the keep once you’ve cleared it will put you in the best position to track it down by foot, though taking a WASP once unlocked is an easier option. It can be found on the top of the hill.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact IV map


The location of Artifact IV location is at the top of the steep cliff opposite the tower where a story mission takes place early on. If you’ve already WASP’d your way over to Artifact III, then it’s a pretty straightforward ride over. Otherwise, the Quickshot upgrade – one of the best Halo Infinite upgrades – for your grappling hook will come in clutch here allowing you to reaching the top of the hill.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact V map


The Halo Infinite Artifact V location takes you over to the Reformation area in the south, and will require you to either hop in a WASP and head north-east from FOB Juliet, or clamber up the mountain on which it sits from Riven Gate.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact VI map


Artifact VI’s location in Halo Infinite is north of where you help out Fortune Squad, which are located in the south of the open area on the Zeta Halo Ring. It can be found in amongst a number of the hexagonal structures at the edge of the cliff.

Halo Infinite Artifact locations: Artifact VII map

ARTIFACT VII – Forerunner Artifact location

The Halo Infinite Artifact VII location is directly north of FOB November, in the far south-east corner of the map. You won’t quite need to whack out a WASP to reach the final Forerunner ring that unlocks the Haruspis achievement – a simple Mongoose will suffice as isn’t particularly hard to reach on the hill.

And there you have it, all of the Halo Infinite Artifact locations. Now that you have this Halo Infinite Haruspis achievement guide to hand and have found all the Forerunner Artifacts, why not take a look at our Halo Infinite Audio Logs locations and the Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations.