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Halo Infinite WASP location - how to get the WASP in Halo Infinite’s campaign

Want to know how to unlock the WASP in Halo Infinite's campaign? Well, it takes more than just finding the Halo Infinite WASP location, that's for sure...

Halo Infinite WASP Location: A WASP can be seen in the hangar.

If you’re spending your time in Halo Infinite exploring the world and checking off every objective and collectable on the list, you are probably looking for an easier way to get around. Well, you can find flying vehicles in Halo Infinite, but unlocking them will take a fair amount of effort – and some luck.

The game’s flying vehicles include the UNSC’s WASP and the Banshee, but in order to unlock the WASP in Halo Infinite you will need to put a lot of time into the open world’s side activities, alongside the main Halo Infinite missions.

Unlike some other vehicles in the game, there isn’t an exact Halo Infinite WASP location. Instead, the WASP is an unlockable vehicle, and once you’ve acquired it you can begin flying around the Zeta Halo Ring and destroy the Banished from above, keeping yourself out of harm’s way. If you want to find a Banshee, which is somewhat easier than grabbing a WASP, check out our Halo Infinite Banshee location guide. But here’s the low down on the WASP.

Halo Infinite WASP Location

To get the WASP in Halo Infinite’s campaign, you will need to unlock it by reaching reward 24 in the list of FOB rewards in the menu. There is no set spawn location for this vehicle.

These rewards can be unlocked by gaining Valor for completing main story missions, liberating FOBs and outposts, and destroying Banished Propaganda Towers.

As this is one of the last rewards available in the reward track, you will need to gain a lot of Valor, which requires a fair bit of campaign and side activity completion. Either way, you likely won’t get access to the WASP until the third act of the game.

Once you have unlocked the WASP, you can then get it dropped off to you by interacting with the vehicle terminal at any FOB.

While you explore the Zeta Halo Ring in a WASP, be sure to be on the lookout for collectables and other activities, all of which are covered in our Halo Infinite walkthrough.