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Halo Infinite Skull locations

Here's a complete guide on finding all 12 Halo Infinite Skull locations which will modify your campaign experience in a big way.

Halo Infinite Skull Locations: The oddball skull can be seen with a player holding it.

There are quite a lot of collectibles in Halo Infinite, but Skulls are arguably the most desirable (and coolest). They aren’t all that easy to find though, so this guide to all the Halo Infinite Skull locations is going to come in very handy.

Skulls allow you to change certain aspects of the game when you equip them. Whether it be upping the difficulty or changing some smaller, less impactful parts of the experience, collectible hunters will be keen to find them all regardless of their effects. Read on to see all the Halo Infinite Skull locations across the game’s campaign.

Halo Infinite Skull locations

There are 12 Halo Infinite Skull locations for you to find in the campaign. Thanks to Halo Canon on YouTube for spotting some of the locations we didn’t find in our playthrough.

  • Boom Skull
  • Cowbell Skull 
  • IWHBYD Skull
  • Catch Skull
  • Fog Skull
  • Famine Skull 
  • Blind Skull
  • Thunderstorm Skull
  • Black Eye Skull
  • Mythic Skull
  • Grunt Birthday Party Skull
  • Bandana Skull

Boom Skull location

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The very first Halo Infinite skull location you’ll come across on your hunt is in Mission 1, Warship Gbraakon. When tasked with locating the ship’s Bridge in order to deactivate the stasis beam, you’ll come across a two-tiered corridor with moving compartments on the right hand side.

Heading up the second compartment lift from the end of the corridor will bring you to the Boom skull, which doubles the radius of explosions while active.

Cowbell Skull location

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The Cowbell Skull is found on the second level of the game called ‘Foundation’. Once you see images of ghostly children running around you will reach a box window. The skull is in the rafters up in the ceiling and you can grapple up to it, to reach it.

It’s a bit of a pain to get up to, and requires a fair amount of precision, so definitely focus up on where we grapple in the video.

This skull will speed up recovery from explosions when equipped.

IWHBYD Skull location

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This Skull is part of the hilarious Halo Infinite Craig easter egg. From the start of Mission 4: The Tower, use the grapple hook to climb on top of the building.

Up here, you will find a memorial to Craig and the IWHBYD Skull sitting on a red chest.

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Catch Skull location

The Catch skull can be found in the north of the map, along the main path. You will need a flying vehicle to get over here easily. A split in the cliffs can be seen with several enemies. Look by the tree stump to find the Skull.

This skull will allow enemies to drop and throw more grenades.

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Fog Skull location

The Fog skull can be found west of FOB Alpha along the edge of the ring. It is in a cave embedded within the hexagon structure. You will most likely need an air vehicle to reach it.

When equipped, this skull disables your motion tracker.

Famine Skull location

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Accessing this Halo Infinite skull location is best achieved through the use of a Banshee or WASP. Just off the south-east coast of the map you’ll find a small island with a tall peak. Scaling it will place you face-to-face with a dead Elite, clutching the Famine skull in a near-Shakespearean fashion.

The Famine skull will reduce the amount of ammunition acquired upon pick-up by half while active.

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Blind Skull location

The Blind Skull location can be found in the south-west of the map, in the Lockdown Region. In this area, you will find a large gap with two cliffs. Walk along the edge of this gap until you find a metallic platform reflecting light beneath you. The skull is down here.

The Blind skull will completely disable you HUD when equipped.

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Thunderstorm Skull location

The Thunderstorm Skull location can be found in-between the Reformation and the Graveyards areas of the map. It is atop the Forerunner column hanging off the piece of land.

This skull will upgrade the rank and difficulty of most enemies in the game.

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Black Eye Skull location

This skull can be found in the central part of the Reformation area, hidden behind the waterfall just south-west of the outpost. You can find the entrance to the cave with the skull in about halfway up the waterfall.

This skull will only recharge your shields when you melee an enemy.

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Mythic Skull location

The Mythic Skull can be found in The Command Spire mission where the columns are turning and passing through marked by the Forerunner light. Grapple up to a column and then up to the next platform on the ceiling to find the skull on the platform above, next to a door.

This Skull will cause weapons dropped by enemies to only have half the ammo they usually do.

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Grunt Birthday Skull location

This skull is found in the Repository level. After activating the terminal with the three Forerunner doors. Look to the one in the middle on you right and grapple over to it to pick up the Power Seed inside. Chuck the Power Seed over to the door in the middle on the left and grapple to this door.

Place the power seed in the slot and then advance through the level until you reach a large room with an opening high up. Grapple up here and you will find the skull.

This skull causes grunt headshots to lead to unique celebrations.

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Bandana Skull Location

This skull is in the final mission, the Silent Auditorium. In the first room with Sentinels. Don’t kill them and continue until you reach an activation switch for two light bridges. Cross both light bridges and you will find the skull in the next room.

The Bandana skull grants unlimited weapon ammo, grenades, and removes equipment cooldown.

That covers all the Halo Infinite Skull locations. For more help, check out our Halo Infinite walkthrough which is crammed full of guides on other collectibles, the best upgrades, and much more.