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Halo Infinite gear and equipment locations - all of Master Chief’s campaign gadgets

Looking for all the Halo Infinite gear and equipment locations? Here you'll be able to learn exactly where to find each one in the campaign.

Halo Infinite Gear Equipment locations: Master Chief can be seen grappleshotting a core and pulling it towards him.

As mentioned in our Halo Infinite review, Master Chief’s gear and equipment are key to ensuring you can hold your own in combat and also get around the open-world setting at pace. However, you will have to get through around half of the campaign to get access to everything in Master Chief’s arsenal.

Comprised of 14 missions, Halo Infinite’s missions range from short linear affairs to long quests that take place in the open world of the Zeta Halo Ring. And with five different pieces of equipment, Master Chief has a lot he can add to his repertoire of gear in order to bring the banished down.

So, where are all the Halo Infinite gear and equipment locations? Read on for pointers as to which main story missions you will need to complete to get items like the Drop Wall and Thrusters.

Halo Infinite gear locations

Within Halo Infinite there are five pieces of equipment and gear for Master Chief’s armor that you can find. Each one can be obtained in the following main story missions:

  • Grappleshot – Warship Gbraakon (mission 1)
  • Shield Core – Foundation (mission 2)
  • Threat Sensor – The Tower (mission 4)
  • Drop Wall – Excavation Site (mission 5)
  • Thruster – Excavation Site (mission 5)

All of these upgrades are a part of the main objectives, so you have to pick them up. Therefore, you won’t miss out on some of the later pieces of gear and equipment. Given how useful these tools can be, it’s not a bad idea to complete these missions right away to unlock the equipment before properly digging into Halo Infinite’s open-world content – though you unlock the handy grappling hook almost right away, which is the most important traversal tool.

For more on these pieces of gear, check out the best upgrades for the equipment in the game and the rest of our guides and tips in our Halo Infinite walkthrough.