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Halo Infinite best upgrades for Master Chief’s gear in the campaign

Curious about the best upgrades for Master Chief's gear and equipment? This list of Halo Infinite best upgrades should have you covered.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: Master Chief can be seen jumping off a platform and into the back of a Pelican.

Halo Infinite has a host of upgrades for Master Chief’s gear and equipment to help you battle through its epic campaign. From strengthening your shields to boosting the recharge time of gear like the Grappleshot, there are a ton of ways to upgrade Spartan 117.

These upgrades are unlocked by finding all of the Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations across the Zeta Halo Ring. These cores are one of a number of collectibles in the game and can be used to upgrade all five pieces of gear: the Grappleshot, Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall, and Thruster.

Continue reading for a list of the best upgrades for Halo Infinite, which highlights around half a dozen upgrades you should spend your Spartan Cores on as soon as you can. If you are still looking for some pieces of gear, check out our guides on the Halo Infinite gear and equipment locations.

Halo Infinite best upgrades

Here are the six best upgrades for Halo Infinite’s campaign that you should work towards in the opening hours of the game:

  • Quickshot Upgrade
  • First Strike Upgrade
  • Fortress Upgrade
  • Bastille Upgrade
  • Seeker Upgrade
  • Swift Shelter Upgrade

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: The menu showing the quickshot upgrade.

Quickshot Upgrade

The quickshot upgrade is likely one of the first ones you will buy, but it is vital to ensuring you can get to new areas, while also locking enemies in place as you grapple towards them.

It requires two Spartan Cores to upgrade and plays an important role when it comes to collecting all of the items in the open world and finding the ever-elusive Halo Infinite skull locations as it decreases the Grappleshot’s cooldown by 40%.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: The menu showing the First Strike upgrade.

First Strike Upgrade

Another Grappleshot upgrade you should buy early on in Halo Infinite’s campaign is the First Strike upgrade. The shockwave blast it emits will help with crowd control and is a useful tool for higher difficulties.

It does cost three Spartan Cores to upgrade, but the ability to stun enemies as you grapple towards them can save you from oncoming fire and also help you make a quick escape if they are stronger than you first thought.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: The menu showing the Fortress upgrade.

Fortress Upgrade

One of the earliest pieces of gear you get in Halo Infinite’s campaign is the Shield Core and you should work on upgrading it early.

The Fortress upgrade boosts your shield’s strength by 15%, which will help you survive in boss fights and take on larger groups of enemies.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: The menu showing the Bastille upgrade.

Bastille Upgrade

Like the Fortress upgrade, the Bastille upgrade is one of the best in Halo Infinite as it boosts your shield by another 15%.

This upgrade does cost two Spartan Cores, but it is worth working towards, as are the rest of the upgrades in this tree. However, these first two should give you enough of a boost to make it through a decent chunk of the campaign relatively unscathed.

Best Halo Infinite upgrades: The menu showing the Seeker upgrade.

Seeker Upgrade

A decent way into the Halo Infinite campaign you will pick up the Threat Sensor equipment, which reveals enemies next to where it is placed. By this point, you will have also come across cloaking foes who can be a real pain as they try and sneak up on you with a melee weapon.

As such, the Threat Sensor’s increased detection radius will save your skin and also help you understand what fights you are getting yourself into as there can be multiple cloaked enemies in some fights. An extra bonus is that it only costs one Spartan Core.

Halo Infinite Best Upgrades: The menu showing the Swift Shelter upgrade.

Swift Shelter upgrade

Finally, the last Halo Infinite upgrade to grab early on is Swift Shelter for the Drop Wall. The Drop Wall isn’t the most useful piece of gear in the game, but it can save your skin every now and again.

Only costing a single Spartan Core, this upgrade will allow you to use the Drop Wall more often thanks to the reduced cooldown, which is a nice plus if you find yourself relying on it.

That covers the six Halo Infinite best upgrades in the campaign. For more help with finding collectibles and choosing the best options in the game, check out our collection of guides in our Halo Infinite walkthrough.