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Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough, tips, guides, and more

Looking for a Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough that can help you get all the spirits and fully complete everything in Tokyo? Well, we have the tips and help you need

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthough: Akito, KK, Haniya are pictured in the key art for the game with the city of Tokyo behind them.

Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest spooky adventure from Tango Gameworks and it ventures into new territory for the studio. Not only is it their first open-world game, but it puts combat at the forefront of the experience and is a first-person action-adventure, rather than an over-the-shoulder game.

While we mentioned in our Ghostwire Tokyo review for PS5 that we don’t think all of these new features work well together, there is a lot that can keep you busy. Side quests, collectibles, activities spread throughout the map, and 240,000 (yes, you read that right) spirits to save throughout Tokyo.

But, to help you get a grasp of combat and how the mechanics work, we have put together some tips and guides to help you complete the game and work towards clearing the map of all the activities. You can find our tips, guides, and more below in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough

Below you can find all of our guides that make up our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough, from small tips to how to save all the spirits in the city.

Ghostwire Tokyo Unlock Water Weaving: Akito can be seen using Water Weaving: Akito can be seen using his Water Weaving attack

General Tips and Tricks

Our general tips for Ghostwire Tokyo cover the length of the game, how to unlock your Ethereal Weaving techniques, where to find grenade-like Talismans to use in combat, and more.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough: Hannya can be seen in a piece of art

Story and Characters

The collection of guides covering the story and characters in Ghostwire Tokyo gives you a glimpse at the cast behind the game’s characters and all the missions in the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough: A Yokai running a shop can be seen

Upgrades, Skills, Consumables, And More

This section of our guides covers the skills you can unlock and the consumables you can consume to restore your health. It also covers some other tips related to items in your inventory.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough: A Torii Gate can be seen in a pond


This section covers everything you can do to clear the map in Ghostwire Tokyo, including Shrines, collectibles, side activities, and more.

That covers our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough. These guides and tips should help you get through the game, defeat any difficult Visitors and restore Tokyo’s citizens.