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Ghostwire Tokyo how to unlock Water Weaving

Looking for how to unlock Water Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo, the latest game from Tango Gameworks? Well, here is how you can unlock the shotgun-like attack

Ghostwire Tokyo Unlock Water Weaving: Akito can be seen using Water Weaving

Ghostwire Tokyo is about a supernatural event in Tokyo that causes the denizens of Shibuya to disappear. The studio’s previous games like The Evil Within also dealt with the supernatural, but in those games, you could use normal weapons to defeat enemies. This time, you wield otherworldly powers in the form of Ethereal Weaving.

Ethereal Weaving refers to the elemental attacks that shoot from your hands in Ghostwire Tokyo. There are three kinds of elemental attacks: water, wind, and fire, but they’re not all available to you from the start of the game. But you’re here to find out about how to unlock Water Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo.

So, read our guide below on how you can unlock the Water Weaving attack in the game as you stomp around Tokyo taking out visitors from another world – and how Water Weaving can help you overcome situations where you’re getting overwhelmed by enemies.

Ghostwire Tokyo how to unlock Water Weaving

Water Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo is obtained during the main story mission ‘A Maze of Death’ in chapter two.

During this mission, you will fight a female Visitor with a large pair of scissors (a Kuchisake) in the Construction Labyrinth. Once you have defeated her, you must then cleanse the shrine there – the Yashin Shrine. Upon cleansing the shrine, Water Weaving will be available at the shrine altar as a reward.

The Water Weaving attack shoots a projectile in a wide arc in front of Akito. It is useful for situations when you’re getting swarmed by lots of enemies and need to push them back for some breathing room. Charging the attack delivers a more powerful version of this base attack that deals significant damage.

ghostwire tokyo how to unlock water weaving menu

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