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Ghostwire Tokyo how to earn XP fast

Want to know how to earn XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo? Here are some tips we have for you so you aren't struggling to get the skills you want

Ghostwire Tokyo How To Earn XP Fast: A visitor can be seen in the streets of Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is filled with missions to complete and collectibles to find. All of these offer up XP which increases your overall Synergy Level which in turn is one of the main forms of progression as you work your way towards saving all the spirits in the game. But, how can you earn XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Besides earning Meika and finding Magatama, XP is the main currency in Ghostwire Tokyo. While there are some obvious ways to earn XP, there are a few other things you can do to try to level up and earn XP, which will allow you to expand your arsenal with some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo.

So, if you want to rack up that XP fast then this guide will give you a few pointers when it comes to earning XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo. Read on for the activities you should try to complete first.

Ghostwire Tokyo how to earn XP fast

There are a number of different ways you can earn XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo. These include:

  • Completing Main and Side Missions
  • Killing enemies
  • Collecting spirits and saving them via a phonebooth
  • Cleansing corrupted trees throughout Tokyo

These are the main ways you can earn XP fast. Missions give you the most XP in one lump, but if you upgrade your Katashiro to the max amount in Ghostwire Tokyo, you can collect up to 50 spirits and turn them in for thousands of XP. Killing enemies will also give you a chunk of XP with each one slain.

Overall Ghostwire Tokyo is a relatively simple game in terms of systems so there isn’t an exploit or way to fast-track XP gain, unfortunately.

Those are our core tips for earning XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more help as you play, check out our other general tips in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.