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Ghostwire Tokyo max Katashiro amount – how many can you hold

Want to know what the max Katashiro amount is in Ghostwire Tokyo? Here is how many you can hold to in order to absorb Spirits into

Ghostwire Tokyo Max Katashiro Amount: Spirits can be seen floating in the air.

Katashiro are the key to saving the spirits in Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo. They allow you to hold the spirits of Tokyo’s citizens before saving them. And, the more you have, the more spirits you can hold before depositing them in a phone booth. So, what is the max Katashiro amount you can hold?

Well, there are quite a lot of Katashiro you can purchase from stores around Tokyo, which cost a fairly pricey 3,000 Meika. Katashiro are human-shaped dolls made of paper that have a variety of purposes according to Yokai lore. But, in Ghostwire Tokyo their sole purpose is to hold the spirits of Tokyo’s citizens.

To find out the max Katashiro amount in Ghostwire Tokyo, continue reading to see how many you can buy before you max out how many you can hold.

Ghostwire Tokyo max Katashiro amount

The maximum Katashiro amount you can hold in Ghostwire Tokyo is 50. Once you have 50, you will be holding as many Katashiro as you can.

Upon obtaining 50 Katashiro, you will also unlock the Boundless Spirit trophy or achievement.

That covers the maximum Katashiro amount in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more tips and information about the game, check out our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.