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Ghostwire Tokyo best skills to buy early-on

Looking to buy the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo as soon as you can? Here are our suggestions for what you should work towards early-on.

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Skills: A Visiotr can be seen standing in front of a Torii Gate

As your arsenal and options in combat open up in Ghostwire Tokyo, chances are you will be debating what are the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo.

With three skill trees to choose from that focus on combat options, the power of your Ethereal Weaving techniques, and your inventory, each tree is tailored to focus on different areas and you can spend points in whichever tree fits your playstyle. However, within each of those trees, there are a few skills that you should probably be spending points towards unlocking first. Each tree’s standout skills will dramatically help you out in combat or save you a lot of time when exploring the streets of Tokyo.

As we made our way through the game, we came across some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo, which we go over below, covering all three skill trees in the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Skills

  • Wire In
  • Perfect Block
  • Core Exposure
  • Ground Core Grab
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Charge Attack
  • Prayer Beads

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Skills: Akito can be seen using Ethereal Weaving on some enemies

Wire In – Duration Boost skill

The duration boost for the Wire In upgrade is incredibly valuable. Wire In is a super powerful mode that deals a chunk of damage to enemies when activated, boosts your damage, and slows down time.

It is capable of clearing entire groups of Visitors and extending that duration is only a good thing, whether you buy only the first upgrade or both.

Perfect Block – Ether GEneration skill

Mastering the Perfect Block is one of the most important things you can do in Ghostwire Tokyo. It will be the key to your survival if you perform them right.

This upgrade enhances that block so that upon performing it ether (ammo for your techniques) will spawn, which can help you out in tough fights. This is also good against larger enemies who have more health as it takes a lot longer to expose their cores. The upgrade for this ability doubles the amount of ether that appears, which is also worth picking up.

Core Exposure – Duration Boost skill

With so many enemies grouping up in Ghostwire Tokyo, you won’t always be able to extract a core from a foe straight away as you will be dealing with other Visitors.

That is where both upgrades for Core Exposure come in. They extend how long enemy cores are available for you to yank out and they should be some of the first skills you work towards getting.

Ground Core Grab skill

Ground Core Grab is another vital upgrade that can dramatically make combat easier. You will often find yourself knocking enemies down as they take damage but haven’t taken enough to expose their cores. This upgrade means that you can get rid of them while they lay there on the ground limp.

When you walk over to an enemy that has been knocked down, you can perform a quick purge to get rid of them and focus your attention elsewhere immediately after.

Ghostwire Tokyo Best Skills: Some spirits can be seen floating around Tokyo

Spirit Absorption skill

Spirit Absorption is a pretty simple skill, speeding up the rate at which you can collect spirits in a Katashiro.

This isn’t a must-have but rather a nice skill to buy so that you can spend less time standing skill gathering spirits and more time exploring.

Charge Attack skill

Really any of the skills in the Ethereal Weaving tree are worth grabbing early, obviously focusing on the technique that you use the most. But, one you should grab is the base Charge Attack and its subsequent upgrades.

This will allow you to let out powerful shots with Wind, Water, and Fire Weaving attacks, which can be extremely powerful and expose cores of a group of enemies or a boss in an instant.

Prayer Beads – Extra Set skill

As you explore you will cleanse Torii Gates and Shrines which have a set of Prayer Beads you can equip. These provide buffs like increased damage with your attacks or the ability to restore more health from consumables.

Both upgrades are worth grabbing as soon as you start clearing out Shrines and Torii Gates, as you will be able to wear up to three different sets of prayer beads.

And, that covers the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more tips in combat and how to unlock your full selection of weapons and combat tools, check out the rest of our guides in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.