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Ghostwire Tokyo max level - the maximum Synergy Level in the game

Curious about the max level in Ghostwire Tokyo? Here is how much you have to level up to be the best ghost hunter Tokyo has ever seen

Ghostwire Tokyo Max Level: A Visitor can be seen looking at Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is a strange mixture of ideas and systems from all kinds of games. And, one of the systems in the game is your Synergy Level, which tracks how much XP you have earned across the game from missions to saving spirits. But, what is the max level in Ghostwire Tokyo that you can reach while playing and travelling across Tokyo?

Well, it is going to take you a while to fully rank yourself up in Ghostwire Tokyo as you will need to complete all the missions in the game and save the more than 240,000 spirits via the phonebooths. But, once you do manage to get them all, you will be fully powered up with some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo and the full range of weapons in your arsenal.

So, to find out what the max level in Ghostwire Tokyo is continue reading on.

Ghostwire Tokyo max level

The max level in Ghostwire Tokyo is Synergy Level 50. Once you reach level 50 you won’t be able to level up anymore no matter how much XP you get.

As mentioned once you are at this max level you will have all of the skills in the game and be able to work your way towards saving all the spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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