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Ghostwire Tokyo length - how long to beat the game?

Want to know the Ghostwire Tokyo length and how long it will take to beat it? Here is how long you will spend completing the main story and saving Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Length How Long To Beat Ghostwire Tokyo: One of the enemies who wear a white mask can be seen

Ghostwire Tokyo is Tango Gameworks’ first foray into open-world game design and players are keen to know just how big the open-world they have created is. This is the key to the questions about the Ghostwire Tokyo length.

With the main story path to follow, a bevvy of side missions, and more than 240,000 spirits to collect, there is enough to keep you busy for a while if you choose to partake in everything the open world has to offer. But, a lot of those extra activities are optional. So, if you just want to see Akito and KK’s story through to the end you can do that as well, without being trapped being open-world filler requirements.

So, how long will it take to beat Ghostwire Tokyo and what is the Ghostwire Tokyo length? Well, read on for our estimated playtime, based on how we explored Tokyo and the amount we did in the open world.

Ghostwire Tokyo length

How long to beat Ghostwire Tokyo is the question you ask? Well, based on our playtime Ghostwire Tokyo’s length is approximately 8-10 hours if you mainline the story and don’t touch any of the open-world activities.

If you opt to free all the spirits in Tokyo, complete every mission and find all the collectibles, you are looking at about 20-30 hours. This number can be slightly shorter or larger depending on how much you fight enemies and if you fast travel around the map or not.

But, either way, you are looking at a relatively short campaign with a lot of repetitive side activities. Thankfully, you can get through the main mission path without touching the open-world activities. So, if they aren’t for you, you can just mainline the chapters of the story.

That covers our guide on the Ghostwire Tokyo length. Now that you know how long it takes to beat Ghostwire Tokyo, check out our tips to get you started in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.