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Ghostwire Tokyo how to unlock Fire Weaving

Want to know how to unlock Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo? Here are the easy steps you need to take to unlock the attack as a part of your arsenal

Ghostwire Tokyo How To Unlock Fire Weaving: Akito can be seen using his Fire Weaving attack

If you have begun chapter 1 of Ghostwire Tokyo and started using your Wind Weaving attack, you are probably curious as to when you unlock the other two types of main attacks you have access to. Well, to save you guessing, this guide will cover how to unlock Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Fire Weaving is the first attack type you unlock in the game, after beginning the game with Wind Weaving. Unlike Wind Weaving, Fire Weaving is all about hard-hitting shots. Its base attack fires a sniper-like bullet, with the charged attack acting like a rocket creating an explosion in the area it lands.

So, if you want to help diversify your combat options, you are going to want to use Fire Weaving. And, below, you can find out how to unlock Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo, so you can lay siege to the Visitors invading Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo how to unlock Fire Weaving

Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo is unlocked in chapter two of the game, during the mission ‘A Maze of Death’.

It is found after clearing the Shiroyama Shrine, which is fairly early in the chapter. Chances are you will come across it naturally as very little of the world will have opened up by the time you get to the shrine.

The Fire Weaving attack is best for taking on larger foes, like minibosses or bosses. Its charged attack is also good for tackling groups of enemies such as the headless students who often bunch up together in clusters.

That covers how to unlock the Fire Weaving attack in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more help with the game’s combat and upgrades for your Fire Weaving attack, check out our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.