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How many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Curious about how many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo? We go over the amount and how long completing all of them will take you as you explore Tokyo

How Many Chapters Are In Ghostwire Tokyo: Hannya can be seen in a piece of art for the game

As you get stuck into the spirit-filled Tokyo you are tasked with exploring in Ghostwire Tokyo, you will likely be wondering how many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Well, the main story is split into chapters similar to Tango Gameworks’ previous games like The Evil Within, although they are a bit longer. During those chapters or after you have beaten the game, you can then complete side missions, hunt down collectibles, and save the rest of the remaining spirits in the city. These side activities can extend how long you spend in chapters but overall, each chapter in Ghostwire Tokyo will take you about 90 minutes to three hours to beat.

So, continue reading on to know exactly how many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo so you can decide whether or not to focus on the story or tackle clearing the whole map first.

How many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Ghostwire Tokyo has six chapters of the story. the first two chapters are rather short, while the next two are much longer and take place in the open world.

Chapters five and six take you away from the open world and are also quite short. As mentioned, you can also spend much longer in each chapter depending on what you do in the open world and if you choose to explore it thoroughly.

The six chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Beginnings
  • Chapter 2: Trouble
  • Chapter 3: Connection
  • Chapter 4: Contortion
  • Chapter 5: Severance
  • Chapter 6: Binding

That covers our guide on how many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more information about the game, check out the length of Ghostwire Tokyo and our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough which is filled with guides to help you out.