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Ghostwire Tokyo where to get more Talismans

Looking to get more Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo to shake up combat? Here is where you can grab more within the silent streets of Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Where To Get More Talismans: A Yokai can be seen floating in a shop

Talismans make up the final part of your arsenal in Ghostwire Tokyo. After you have unlocked the bow and all your Ethereal Weaving techniques, you will be given a few of the Talismans in the game. But, after obtaining a few, you will be asking yourself where can you get more Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo.

When it comes to getting more Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo, it isn’t too hard to find a bunch of them if you know where to look. However, if you are just exploring the city, saving spirits and completing missions, you might not get very many of them.

There are four different types of Talismans in the game. Thicket Talismans are best for stealth, while Exposure Talismans will deal a chunk of damage to enemies, exposing their cores or getting enemies close to exposing their core. Stun Talismans do what they say on the tin: stun enemies in the area where you throw them. Finally, Decoy Talismans act as a distraction that will lure enemies over to where you throw the Talisman.

Ghostwire Tokyo where to get more Talismans

Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo can be found in one of three main ways:

  • Bought from shops around Tokyo
  • Given to you as rewards for completing missions or activities
  • Found as loot in the world

The most common way to find more Talismans is by buying them from shops, where they can cost a pretty penny. However, while you will find less of them in the world and as rewards from missions they still pop up every now and again.

Talismans aren’t vital to succeeding in Ghostwire Tokyo’s combat, but they do help manage large groups of enemies or large groups of Visitors who haven’t clocked onto your location yet.

That is how you can get more Talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more tips on how to make the most of these Talismans, check out our guide on the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo and our other tips in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.