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Ghostwire Tokyo how to earn Meika fast

Struggling to find out how to earn Meika fast in Ghostwire Tokyo? Here are some pointers on how you can rake in the cash as you explore Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo how to earn Meika fast: Akito can be seen petting a dog

Meika is the main way you can purchase consumables, upgrades, additional Katashiro, ammo for your bow, and more in Ghostwire Tokyo. While a lot of it is handed out to you, there are a few tips you can incorporate into your run through the game to earn XP fast in Ghostwire Tokyo.

While Meika can be found in golden pots around the map, some of the more lucrative ways to earn Meika don’t involve smashing these pots. Instead, the key to earning a lot of Meika quickly is to find other collectibles and complete some of the missions and objectives you are given. This will also help you earn XP alongside Meika if you complete some of these activities.

So, this guide will touch over those exact methods and the activities you should do if you want to earn Meika fast in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo how to earn Meika fast

There are 5 key activities and objectives you can do to earn Meika fast in Ghostwire Tokyo. These include:

  • Completing Main Missions and Side Missions
  • Collecting spirits and reducing them via a phone booth.
  • Complete Nekomata Requests
  • Find Ether Crystals
  • Feed dogs

The best way to earn a lot of Meika fast is to complete main missions, side missions, and Nekomata requests. Completing missions will give you a bag full of Meika at the end.

However, when it comes to Nekomata Requests, you will need to find Relics around the map and deliver them to the Nekomata who wants the item. Relics make a cat noise when you get close to them, which should help you spot any you wander by. Completing these requests can net you upwards of $10,000 Meika in some cases.

Ether Crystals also provide you with a nice amount of spirits, but you will also want to look out for the floating golden ether crystals inside a porcelain cat. These give you around double the amount of Meika when smashed.

Finally, feeding dogs dog food will cause them to dig in the ground and gift you with a reward, which sometimes can be a chunk of Meika.

And there you have it. That is how you can earn Meika fast in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more tips and tricks, check out the full Ghostwire Tokyo mission list and more in our Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough.