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XDefiant M16A4 loadout best build and class setup

As a unique burst-fire rifle, the best XDefiant M16A4 build is great for those looking for a dependable assault rifle loadout in Ubisoft’s shooter.

XDefiant M16A4 loadout: The M16 build placed on a blurred background of characters from the game standing in a line.

The best XDefiant M16A4 loadout is perfect for lovers of burst-fire weapons, though that can make it trickier to use. Nevertheless, boasting incredible accuracy and control, the M16 excels at long-range, and skilled players can even use it to great effect up-close. You don’t want to pass up on the best M16A4 build in XDefiant.

The XDefiant M16 build is not for everyone, or even most players, due to its firing pattern, but its stability arguably makes it one of the best XDefiant guns. Despite that, it’s largely gone under the radar when it comes to the XDefiant meta. For those that can get along with its three-round bursts, you’re going to love the M16, and can even go toe to toe with the likes of the XDefiant MK 20 loadout at long-range.

XDefiant M16A4 loadout

The best XDefiant M16A4 loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel – Stabilizing
  • Front Rail – Vertical
  • Rear Grip – Grip Tape
  • Stock – Padded

The M16 boasts superb control and accuracy by default, so we’ll be trading some of that for added lethality to really make this weapon shine in mid-range engagements on the XDefiant maps. If you’re looking for a more close-range build, then the best XDefiant ACR loadout or XDefiant Vector loadout is more your style, unless you’re able to hit your shots under pressure.

For our first attachment in this M16 build, we’ll be trading in horizontal and vertical recoil for a slight increase in rate of fire with the Muzzle Booster attachment. While this might seem counterintuitive, not only does the M16A4 have great recoil anyhow, but our other attachments will also lessen the blow. What we’re left with is a welcome increase in rate of fire that will hopefully let you finish opponents before they finish you. This comes in particularly handy in close-range when every shot counts.

Next, we recommend the Stabilizing Barrel. This gives us back a bit of the horizontal and vertical recoil control that we lost with the Muzzle Booster. However, we do lose sprint-shoot time and aim walking speed, which can make it harder to face off against agile SMGs like the XDefiant MP7 loadout. Nevertheless, this is great for improving the control of the weapon. If you find this more than controllable, then you could swap the Stabilizing Barrel for the Rapid Fire Barrel, and the Compensator over the Muzzle Booster. This will increase fire rate more than our recommended attachments, but also make the weapon more unwieldy. Our preferred M16 build strikes a fine balance.

The Vertical Grip is another strong attachment on the M16A4, further enhancing the vertical recoil of the weapon to make it a laser beam even at long-range. Unfortunately, this will also further limit our aim walking speed and ADS time. If you’d rather, you could use the Superlight Grip for improved ADS time instead, but this would hurt recoil recovery which is arguably more important. As such, we recommend the Vertical Grip. It comes in very handy when you’re hold long sight-lines, where there’s often an XDefiant SVD loadout or XDefiant TAC 50 loadout holding an angle that demands precision on your part.

Next up, the Grip Tape rear grip is a perfect choice, increasing vertical recoil control and recoil recovery significantly at the cost of ADS time. Again, this is really useful in making the M16 as accurate and easy to use as possible, so long as you’re fine with a three-round burst assault rifle.

Lastly, the Padded Stock brings the M16A4 build together by boosting all the most important stats for a longer-range assault rifle – recoil recovery, aim stability, and ADS hit flinch – without any downsides. That’s right, the Padded Stocks offers these welcome improvements with no negatives, unlike the other stock options. Now, we’re able to keep our sights on the enemy even under pressure.

You can see a similar M16 build in action in the video below by ‘Destroyerfield51’, demonstrating that the M16A4 is also surprisingly strong in more close-quarters maps as well:

YouTube Thumbnail

Now that you’ve got the best M16A4 build at the ready, all you need now is the rest of the loadout to dominate in the arenas of one of the best FPS games you can play right now.

XDefiant M16A4 class setup

For the strong M16A4 class setup in XDefiant, you really can’t go wrong with the 93R sidearm and a Frag Grenade.

The M16 build might dominate mid-range and even hold its own in close-range if you’re skilled, but it’s a good idea to have a backup weapon when you need it. That’s why we recommend the 93R secondary weapon. For the 93R, we’ve gone for the Barrel Extender, Extended Mag, Lightweight stock, Quick Draw grip, and Reflex sight. This will make it an even more dependable close-range weapon if we need it. Obviously, an XDefiant M870 loadout will still have an advantage, but if you’re light on your feet or have good aim, then you can come out on top.

As for equipment, the Frag Grenade is a strong choice, letting us clear out objectives or flush enemies out of cover with ease. Given the M16 loadout above excels at holding down long sight-lines, similar to the XDefiant M249 loadout, anything that helps us do that is the way to go. That being said, any and all equipment options work well, so pick your favorite. The Flashbang is great for pushing enemies when you need to; the EMP Grenade has plenty of utility by shutting down enemy abilities; and the Proximity Mine can lock down lanes and cover your back.

That covers the best XDefiant M16A4 loadout and build you can make. All that’s left is to pick one of the XDefiant classes and give it a spin. We’d recommend the Phantoms XDefiant Faction thanks to their zone controlling prowess or the adaptable Libertad, though any class works wonders with the M16.