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XDefiant SVD loadout best build and class setup

The best XDefiant SVD build is hard to ignore if you’re in the market for a marksman rifle loadout, rewarding precision with top-tier damage.

XDefiant SVD loadout: The SVD build against a backdrop of blurred characters from Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter.

Being one of only two marksman rifles in the game, if you like this weapon type, then you’re going to want the best XDefiant SVD loadout. However, given the intense kick of the SVD, it can be a difficult gun to get to grips with initially. Fear not though, as after some thorough experimentation, we’ve done all the heavy lifting to make the best SVD build in XDefiant.

The XDefiant SVD build is one of two marksman rifles currently in the game and it’s not quite the instant upgrade you might expect coming from the XDefiant MK 20 loadout. Nevertheless, this weapon boasts incredible damage with the right attachments, straddling the line between assault rifles and sniper rifles. Pair it with great abilities from the XDefiant classes and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this starting weapon.

XDefiant SVD loadout

The best XDefiant SVD loadout is:

  • Muzzle – Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel – Stabilizing Barrel
  • Front Rail – Tactical Grip
  • Optic – Reflex
  • Rear Grip – Grip Tape

Striking the perfect balance between an assault rifle and a sniper, this SVD build will further hone in on its lethality by making it easier to control. While close-quarters weapons currently dominate the XDefiant meta, the high precision damage of the SVD and range values make it great for holding down long lanes in the XDefiant maps.

First up, we’ve chosen the Muzzle Booster to improve time-to-kill. This attachment increases rate of fire at the cost of both horizontal and vertical recoil. While you could opt for the Rapid Fire Barrel instead, and swap this attachment for the Muzzle Brake, overall the Muzzle Booster is the right balance for the SVD.

To counteract the hit to recoil control from the Muzzle Booster, in comes the Stabilizing Barrel. This provides a small improvement to horizontal and vertical recoil control to make it easier to land shots. Unfortunately, it will hamper sprint-shoot time and aim walking speed slightly, resulting in the SVD being less nimble, so watch out for the XDefiant MP7 loadout.

Following on from this, we recommend the Tactical Grip front rail. Boosting recoil recovery by a welcome 35%, this attachment is perfect for semi-automatic weapons like the SVD. It also comes with a small improvement to ADS time which proves invaluable in close-range skirmishes. It does further reduce aim walking speed, however. If the Tactical Grip isn’t for you, the Vertical Grip is a strong alternative. For those using the Rapid Fire barrel but finding the vertical recoil to be too strong, the Vertical Grip is perhaps the better choice. Otherwise, the Tactical Grip will be your best bet.

Now for an optic. With high recoil on a weapon that highly rewards precision, an optic is almost a necessity. We recommend the Reflex Sight as this provides a good balance between ranges, as well as a non-obtusing frame. On the other hand, you could use a longer range sight like the 3.0x Scope. Overall, whichever optic helps you hit headshots more consistently is the one for you.

As our last attachment in this SVD loadout, the Grip Tape rear grip comes in clutch. Improving both vertical recoil and recoil recovery, it’s hard to turn down the great boost to precision and handling offered by this attachment. Be warned though, it does hurt ADS time so you will have a harder time in close-range. Nevertheless, if you can keep your distance from the likes of the XDefiant M870 loadout or XDefiant MP5 loadout, you’re good to go. Though, if you can land the one-hit headshot, then you’ll actually be able to drop them first.

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That wraps it up for the best XDefiant SVD build, leaving you with a powerful weapon demanding precision. Thankfully, as a marksman rifle, the SVD is much more versatile than the XDefiant TAC 50 loadout, so you’ll find you can take on enemies at nearly all ranges.

XDefiant SVD class setup

For an equally strong SVD class setup in XDefiant, we recommend the D50 sidearm and a Frag Grenade to hold down objectives in any of the XDefiant game modes or even push more aggressively than you might expect.

The SVD is a versatile weapon that can stop enemies in their tracks at nearly all ranges providing you have the range. Nevertheless, having a similarly versatile secondary weapon like the D50 is the way to go. From our time with the weapon, the Barrel Extender, Reflex Sight, Quick Mag, and Quick Draw proved to be the best attachments for the D50, improving its range and how quickly it can be drawn. If you want a weapon more aimed at close-range, then the 93R will do the job.

Lastly, the Frag Grenade is great for clearing zones and forcing enemies out of cover and into the barrel of our SVD. There’s no wrong choice in terms of equipment for this SVD loadout though, so choose your favorite and give it a go. We’d recommend the Flashbang or EMP Grenade as a useful alternative, both giving you the leg-up when defending or attacking objectives. Otherwise, the Proximity Mine can cover your back if you’re holding an angle and don’t want someone sneaking up.

That covers the best XDefiant SVD loadout and build you can put together currently. It will take some getting used to, but if you can land well-placed shots then it’s hard to deny it being among the best XDefiant guns you can use in the arenas of one of the best FPS games on the market. Though, if you’re looking for an assault rifle that competes in a similar range, then we’d recommend either the XDefiant ACR loadout or the XDefiant AK-47 loadout, as these are more versatile.