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XDefiant M4A1 loadout best build and class setup

The best XDefiant M4A1 build is a great starting loadout once you’ve got the right attachments and class setup to take top spot on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

XDefiant M4A1 loadout: The M4A1 build against a blurred background of characters.

When you’re just starting out, you’re going to want the best XDefiant M4A1 loadout by your side. As the starting assault rifle, you’ll be using this weapon for quite some time. Assault rifles in general are the most consistent and reliable weapons in the game currently, so don’t skip out on the the best M4A1 build in XDefiant just because its the basic AR.

While most players will be using a strong XDefiant M4A1 build simply because its the starter AR, that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own in XDefiant meta alongside the best XDefiant guns. In fact, once you’re set up with all the right attachments and equipment, the M4 is a powerful and reliable weapon. Some players even prefer it to the more meta-defining XDefiant ACR loadout.

XDefiant M4A1 loadout

The best XDefiant M4A1 loadout is:

  • Barrel – Stabilizing
  • Front Rail – Superlight
  • Optics – Reflex
  • Rear Grip – Quick Draw
  • Stock – Padded

The name of the game with this XDefiant M4A1 build is to improve the weapon’s recoil and manoeuvrability, so we’ll be picking attachments that do just that. Once it’s all set up correctly, the M4 can be pinpoint accurate, letting you land headshots consistently to win gunfights quickly. Given how versatile this weapon is, it can work in any of the XDefiant game modes, whether you’re escorting the payload or defending a capture point.

XDefiant M4A1 loadout: The weapon customization screen showing the M4A1 build.

First things first, the Stabilizing Barrel does what it says on the tin by increasing both horizontal and vertical recoil control. With the M4A1 having a surprising amount of recoil, this is a welcome improvement. It will, however, weaken our sprint-shoot time and aim walking speed, so we’ll make up for this with the following attachments.

The Superlight Grip is the meta right now for its enhancements to agility, beneficial to nearly all weapons. This will give us a boost to ADS time and movement speed at the cost of recoil recovery. This is a worthwhile sacrifice for the added handling which will help this M4 build at closer ranges, where it enters the range of the best XDefiant MP7 loadout and XDefiant P90 loadout.

Next, we’ve gone for the Reflex optic simply because it provides a nice, clear sight. With how hectic fights can get, having a clear sight is crucial. However, if you’re fine with the default iron sights of the M4A1, then you could use this slot for the Brake muzzle to further rein in the recoil.

The Quick Draw rear grip, which works wonders on nearly all weapons, also features in this M4A1 build thanks to its improvements to handling once again. With bonus sprint-shoot time and ADS time, we’ll be able to quickly get our weapon ready, which is invaluable for contending with SMGs. The hit to aim stability won’t be all that noticeable either, so it’s a win-win, letting us fight at both close and long-range in any of the XDefiant maps.

Last but not least, the Padded stock gives us recoil recovery and aim stability to soften the blow of other attachments, alongside improved ADS hit flinch. These are helpful bonuses that also don’t come with any drawbacks unlike other stocks.

Content creator ‘Dkoi OP’ shows off a similar M4A1 build in the video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

This XDefiant M4A1 build is the perfect starting point for newcomers, though it will also serve you well even once you’ve unlocked later weapons. Boasting a good accuracy and stability with this loadout, you’ll be hitting plenty of headshots to beat your opponents to the punch. On that note, if you’re looking to put your skills to the test, it’s worth taking a look at the XDefiant M44 loadout for some fleet-footed sniping action.

XDefiant M4A1 loadout: The M4A1 build and class setup in the customization screen.

XDefiant M4A1 class setup

In terms of the rest of your XDefiant M4A1 class setup, use the 93R secondary weapon and a Frag Grenade. The M4 build is more than enough for most ranges, so the 93R is a backup in close range, just in case we’re caught off guard.

For the 93R, we’ve gone for the Barrel Extender, Extended Mag, Lightweight stock, Quick Draw grip, and Reflex sight. This will make it an even more dependable close range weapon if we need it. While it won’t quite beat an SMG or shotgun on even footing, it might just save your life, especially if you can use cover to your advantage.

As for equipment, the Frag Grenade is a strong choice, letting us clear out objectives or flush enemies out of cover with ease. However, all equipment options work well, so pick your favorite. The Flashbang is great for pushing enemies, while the EMP Grenade has plenty of utility by shutting down enemy abilities.

And that’s all you need for the best XDefiant M4A1 build and loadout. With so many XDefiant classes to choose from, pick your favorite and give the build a spin in one of the best FPS games out right now. While just about any of the XDefiant Factions work, Libertad and Phantoms compliment the playstyle very well. Happy hunting.