Destiny 2 Season of The Deep release date rumours, everything we know

Get an overview of Destiny 2 Season of The Deep, including the expected release date, story details, gameplay, and more in this article.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep: Xivu Arath, Oryx, and Savathun can be seen

With the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga drawing closer, players are keen to know exactly what they can expect from Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. This season, which will be the second in the Lightfall saga will undoubtedly bring a lot of new challenges for players.

However, one of the biggest changes this season will bring is a move away from the formulaic seasonal structure which we have seen for the last couple of years. So, Season of the Deep will hold a lot more surprises for players than the previous season in the Lightfall era.

Destiny 2 Season of The Deep release date rumours

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is expected to release around May 23, 2023, which would mark three months after the release of the previous season. Given that Season 20: Season of Defiance ends on May 22, Season 21: Season of the Deep will likely release shortly after.

This date hasn’t been confirmed just yet, and we are speculating here. It could vary by a few weeks depending on how development is going. But, you should expect it at some point in late May or early June.

Destiny 2 Season of The Deep everything we know

Beyond the expected release timeframe for the season, we don’t know anything about where the story is heading in Season of The Deep. The Deep is, however, another name for the Darkness so maybe we could see the force slowly creep its way into our world in new ways. Of course, we could also see Xivu Arath appear, who has been slowly teased over the last year of the game.

However, on the gameplay side, as revealed by Joe Blackburn on the blog, this season will not feature a vendor upgrade system, after players have grown somewhat tired of the mechanic. This season also won’t have a power increase or grind in order to prevent some of the power creep we have seen recently. The season will also bring Enhanced weapons, allowing you to boost the stats and power of your non-crafted guns.

Finally, Season of the Deep will also implement a way for you to activate Deepsight Resonance on a weapon that is craftable, even if you have found one that doesn’t have it activated. Although, exactly how this will work hasn’t been revealed yet.

That covers all we know about Destiny 2 Season of The Deep. Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on the new season as we approach the release date sometime in the Summer.