Rejoice, Destiny 2 is getting Exotic armor focusing

Destiny 2 Exotic armor focusing is coming in Season of the Deep, removing some of the frustration and randomness of getting god rolls on Exotic armor.

Destiny 2 exotic armor focusing: a guardian fires a green blast from a pistol with the neon lights of Neomuna behind them

Trying to get the perfect stat roll for your favourite Destiny 2 Exotic can be a bit of a chore, but fear not, as Bungie has just revealed that Exotic armor focusing is coming in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep.

That’s right, next season you’ll be able to take Exotic engrams to Rahool in The Tower, and he’ll do wonderful, wonderful things to them. While Exotic engrams earned from activities like Legend Lost Sectors (where players can still find Exotics they haven’t found before) will still auto-decrypt, any you find while randomly playing (or presumably that you get in your season pass, although that’s not explicitly confirmed at this time) can be focused.

The new Destiny 2 exotic armor focusing system will have two different tiers of focusing which will let you chase those god rolls – “Advanced Decryption”, and “Precise Decryption”. Note that both focusing methods will only award you armor pieces you’ve already found and are in your collection.

Advanced Decryption will give you the option to get a random piece of armor from a certain expansion. So, if you were looking to improve your Destiny 2 Hunter build and were chasing down a new pair of Star-Eater Scales, you could select the Beyond Light engram decryption from the menu and cross your fingers.

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However, Precise Decryption will let you pick the exact Exotic you want to get a new roll for. So, using the same example, you head to the Precide Decryption menu, find Star-Eater Scales, et voila, you’re guaranteed to get a new pair with new stats.

Of course, these different tiers of focusing will both cost different amounts of resources to perform. Advanced Decryption will need one Exotic engram, one Ascendant Shard, and 30,000 Glimmer, while Precise Decryption will require one Exotic engram, three Ascendant Shard, one Exotic Cipher, and 60,000 Glimmer, according to Bungie’s recent blog post.

Destiny 2 exotic armor focusing: a screenshot of the Precise Decyption exotic armor focusing menu

Because of the new demand for Exotic Ciphers, Bungie is also going to be raising the stack limit in your inventory from one to five.

In even more Exotic armor news, the blog post teases another change coming to Season of the Deep. “We’re upgrading more than 15 of our lower-performing Exotic armors and rolling out balance changes to several others,” Bungie says. It looks like a proper shakeup is on the way.

Exotic armor that you haven’t yet discovered will also soon start dropping from the Vex Strike Force event on Neomuna. This will arrive in “an upcoming update”.

Exotic armor focusing is something a lot of players have been asking for, and we were even begging for it before the launch of Lightfall, so it’ll be a welcome addition for those trying to get a god roll on some of the best Destiny 2 armor pieces in the game. While it will be expensive to do in terms of resources, and activities like Lost Sectors won’t really feed into this system, it’s a great step forward.