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Destiny 2 Lightfall lore hints at a return to Titan next season

A Destiny 2 Lightfall lore entry for the new Winterbite exotic hints that Season of the Deep could bring Titan out of the Destiny Content Vault.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Season of the Deep Titan returning theory: Zavala standing heroically with the waves and destroyed buildings of Titan behind him.

While Lightfall has only just been released, the Destiny 2 community has been quick to look ahead at what plot points could be coming in the future. One of the most exciting threads that lore lovers have picked up on is that Destiny 2 Season of the Deep might see the return of Titan from the Destiny Content Vault.

Titan was a base Destiny 2 destination back when the game launched in 2017 and quickly became a fan favourite thanks to its unique environment and mysterious ecology. However, since Season of Arrivals in 2020, Titan has remained in the Destiny 2 Content Vault, inaccessible to players. The in-universe explanation for the vaulting of Titan and other destinations was that the Witness had taken them under its control, possibly putting them into a pocket dimension of some sort, as with Mars which returned in a limited capacity in The Witch Queen expansion.

The possible return of Titan was first mentioned in a Destiny 2 leak pre-Lightfall. While the leak wasn’t fully confident in whether Titan would return to its former glory as a Patrol zone or simply for a mission or two, it was an exciting proposition. However, with the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date now here and new lore in player’s hands, the return of Titan in Season of the Deep seems increasingly likely.

The Destiny 2 Winterbite exotic quest, Strider, gives us the most official hint of Titan’s return that we’ve had yet. Just before you claim the Winterbite weapon as your reward for completing the Strider quest, you’ll get a text page detailing a signal sent by Soteria, a Vex AI hybrid created by humanity during the Golden Age.

The signal speaks of an “enemy of Witness on Titan”, with “preservation” being paramount if it is still alive. The final line reads: “Do not waste time”. With such an urgent message and the Witness at our doorstep, it would make sense that this signal would be referring to the next season, Season of the Deep. It’s possible that this enemy of the Witness could be an ally to humanity in the fight against the Witness leading up to The Final Shape. While some believe this could be referring to Sloane after another long-lost Destiny 2 character recently made a surprise appearance, it’s more likely referring to the mysterious large sea monster players could encounter on Titan before it was vaulted.

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While the season name was previously believed to refer to the Darkness in some way, which is often called The Deep, if Titan was to return, it would instead serve as a sneaky double entendre. With a title like Season of the Deep, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine delving into the lost history of Titan in search of this sea monster, an unlikely ally to us and perhaps the enemy of the Witness mentioned by Soteria.

If Titan is to return in Destiny 2 Season 21: Season of the Deep as leaks and recent lore revelations suggest, it’s likely it will be handled in a similar fashion to the Haunted Leviathan. If you’re unfamiliar, Season of the Haunted saw the return of Destiny 2 Calus’ Leviathan ship, though this time it was infected by a blight. The environment was brought back from the Content Vault but repurposed to further the narrative. It’s possible that if Titan were to return in Season of the Deep, it would likely look somewhat different than the last time Guardians set foot there. Even more so considering it has been under the grasp of the Witness since its departure.