Long-lost Destiny 2 character makes surprise Season of Defiance cameo

A certain Vex researcher from Io has made a return to Destiny 2, though he now appears to exist in a more digitised form than we saw before.

Destiny 2 lost character Season of Defiance: Zavala

Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance is here, and developer Bungie appears to have stashed a certain Io-based researcher into its seasonal activities. That’s right, Asher Mir has returned, though not quite in the flesh.

During the Bluejay quest – which offers Guardians the chance to snag some high level gear – players will be tasked with clearing the Partition: Hard Reset activity on Neomuna. We won’t spoil exactly what the activity entails, but what we can tell you is that, somewhere inside the Vex and Cabal-filled zone, you’ll be able to sneak a peek at Asher Mir, who hasn’t been seen since collapsing the Io Pyramidion onto himself during the Season of Arrivals.

Asher is now part of the Vex network, which he himself confirms. Upon inspecting the lore for the Season Pass’ Sparrow – Inside Line – three lines of Morse code reading “still alive / inside network / idiot kids” can be made out. This isn’t the first teaser Io’s former destination vendor has left for Guardians, either. During the Season of the Splicer’s Epilogue mission, a particularly friendly Vex Harpy could be found which conveyed the message ‘Assistant’ – also in Morse code.

You can check out a brief clip of Asher appearing, courtesy of Twitter user ‘raz’ right here.

With Asher finally making a reappearance, who knows what significance he could have in the upcoming content? Whether a digitised spectre from the past, or an active player in events to come, it’s certainly good to see him back.