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Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus explained

As a Disciple of The Witness, Destiny 2 Calus seeks to usher in the Darkness’ victory over the Light. Know your enemy to stop Calus before it’s too late.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus explained: Calus standing proudly donning his new Disciple attire.

A vain and callous Cabal, Calus is one of the most important characters in the current Destiny 2 story, undergoing transformation into a Disciple of The Witness. You’ll want to find out all there is to know about Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus so you’re caught up on the latest stories in the Destiny universe.

Understanding Calus’ role in Destiny 2’s complex story will also require an understanding of Destiny 2 The Witness, given developments in the Destiny 2 campaign order and story leading up to Lightfall. In light of Calus’ new position among the ranks of The Witness in Lightfall, we’ve also got guides covering key locations and characters, including Destiny 2 Cloud Striders and Destiny 2 Neomuna, so you’re in the loop.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus explained

Calus, the proud and opulent former Emperor of the Cabal Empire, is now a Disciple of The Witness, willing to wage war in the name of The Witness. Importantly, Calus is father to Caiatl, Empress of the Cabal, who struck an alliance with the Vanguard and humanity to face him.

During Season 17: Season of the Haunted, it became apparent that Calus was seeking an alliance with The Witness, seeing the return of his iconic Leviathan ship though this time infected with Egregore fungi and populated by Nightmares. In Lightfall, Calus has achieved his alliance with The Witness, becoming one of its Disciples to carry out its wishes.

Destiny 2 Lightfall who is Calus?: A Calus animatronic sipping wine in his throne room.

Who is Calus in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Calus is a Cabal, a war hungry species, known for their strength and militaristic society. Calus excelled in this culture and became the Emperor of the Cabal Empire until he was usurped by Dominus Ghaul in the Midnight Coup, leading up to the Destiny 2 base game story, Red War.

Once Ghaul was defeated, Calus travelled to Sol in an effort to recruit the Guardians to join his forces and become one of his Shadows. He believed would need the strength of a mighty warrior from each species he came across as his Shadows to be able to survive the arrival of The Witness and the Black Fleet, though he abandoned this endeavour in favour of joining The Witness.

Now that Calus has joined The Witness, he has undergone a transformation of some kind, altering his physical appearance and likely his powers to help him carry out his master’s wishes with even greater efficiency and ferocity.

What does Calus want in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

In Lightfall, Calus’ goal is aligned with that of The Witness, to secure The Veil and complete his master’s bidding.

With Calus having sought to join The Witness, which he has successfully achieved in Lightfall as one of The Witness’ Disciples, Calus has launched an assault on Neomuna, the hidden city on Neptune in search of The Veil.

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Now you know all you need to know about Calus in Destiny 2 to understand and enjoy Lightfall. We’ll update this guide as more information is revealed, particularly during Lightfall and Season of the Defiance. With Calus’ newfound strength as a Disciple, it would be wise to have the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Hunter build ready to go to take him down.