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Destiny 2 Cloud Striders lore, characters, and abilities

Learn all there is to know about the Destiny 2 Cloud Striders coming in Lightfall, including Cloud Striders lore and story, the characters, and their abilities.

Destiny 2 Cloud Striders: Promotional art depicting Nimbus, the younger of the two Cloud Striders in Lightfall.

With the launch of Lightfall, players are able to explore the neon-soaked metropolis of Neomuna for the very first time, unravelling the mysteries of this hidden civilisation. One of the biggest mysteries and surprise additions to the Destiny lore to date are the Destiny 2 Cloud Striders, so we’ve got you covered with all the Cloud Striders lore, characters, and their abilities so you’re up to speed on our new allies.

As defenders of Neomuna, we’ll get to meet the Cloud Striders first hand after the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, which will also bring with it inventive new Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons and Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic armor. The new Destiny 2 Strand subclass for each class are perhaps the most exciting new addition though, inviting players closer to the Darkness with newly discovered power.

Destiny 2 Cloud Striders lore and story

The Destiny 2 Cloud Striders lore depicts this select group of Neomuna citizens as noble and determined defenders of the city, a Light-less equivalent of Guardians. In many ways, they are a look into what Humanity would have become were it not for the Collapse caused by The Witness.

Destiny 2 Cloud Striders lore and story: Guardians walking past a painted wall mural dedicated to the Cloud Striders.

Cloud Striders are the proud defenders of Neomuna, the hidden civilisation that’s been growing on Neptune for centuries following the Collapse. While Guardians have the Light and all that comes with it, Cloud Striders do not have this benefit. Instead, those who wish to become Cloud Striders volunteer to undergo cybernetic enhancements through nanotechnology. While this grants them increased strength and agility to allow them to excel in combat, it also shortens their life-span to no more than a decade.

What’s more, since they don’t have Ghosts or the Light, Cloud Striders do not have the ability to be revived like Guardians do. It’s likely this will play into the Lightfall story, with Cloud Striders having to commit their life to the cause of defending Neomuna, while Guardians have second chances.

Before The Witness and the Black Fleet arrived on their shores, the Cloud Striders had been contending with ever-increasing Vex activity on Neptune which has honed their combat effectiveness.

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The Cloud Striders’ advanced technology not only allows for cybernetic enhancements, but also nanotechnology that can change shape and function, such as creating a shield, weapon, or surfboard-like flying device. This technology is also clearly very powerful, more so than most weapons in our own arsenal, as demonstrated in the Lightfall reveal trailer when a Cloud Strider attacks a Pyramid ship with a rocket fired from their weapon. If this blast does indeed damage the Pyramid ship, then their technology will likely be the key to defeating the Black Fleet.

Destiny 2 who are the Cloud Striders: Nimbus looking determined.

Who are the Destiny 2 Cloud Striders in Lightfall?

There are two currently known Cloud Striders characters in Lightfall, Nimbus and Rohan, and it’s possible these are the only two Cloud Striders we will meet since they travel in pairs. A Cloud Strider pair will typically include a mentor and a rookie.

We see this reflected in the dynamic between Nimbus and Rohan. Nimbus is the hot-headed rookie, often acting on impulsivity. Conversely, Rohan is Nimbus’ grizzled mentor, a veteran Cloudstrider who values strategy and planning. Nimbus and Rohan will have prominent roles in the Lightfall story as we learn more about the hidden city of Neomuna and take the fight to The Witness, teaming up over a shared enemy.

How many Cloud Striders are there in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

It’s currently unknown how many Cloud Striders are active in Neomuna, though it could be as little as two. Cloud Striders are two person combat units, commonly consisting of a mentor and a rookie. In Lightfall, we know of Nimbus and Rohan, a rookie and veteran Cloud Strider respectively, so it’s possible that these are the only two active Cloud Striders given the sacrifice involved in becoming one of these stalwart defenders.

Destiny 2 Cloud Striders abilities

Cloud Striders are comparable to Guardians in many ways, though they don’t have Ghosts or access to the Light. While they don’t have powers from the Traveller (or the Darkness in the case of Strand and Stasis) like we do, Cloud Striders make up for it with incredible strength and agility thanks to their cybernetic enhancements.

Little is currently known about their specific abilities and skills, though Cloud Strider technology is evidently very powerful and versatile. Firstly, their nanotechnology can shift state, transforming to create a shield, a surfboard-like flying device, and even a weapon on demand. What’s more their weaponry appears to be able to counter the Pyramid ships, which would be the first known weapon to do so. It’s likely that the Cloud Striders, or at least their technology will be used to defeat The Witness and the Black Fleet.

Overall, the Cloud Striders’ abilities include enhanced speed and strength, and versatile combat capabilities thanks to their advanced technology.

Now you’re all caught up on Destiny 2 Cloud Striders, including the Cloud Striders lore and story, characters, abilities, and more. Lightfall will shed greater light on these mysterious and dedicated defenders of Neomuna. Speaking of, to help you explore this more challenging destination, we’ve got you covered with the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Hunter build you can make right now.