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Starfield New Atlantis city, map, location, story, lore

You’re in the right place to explore the sprawling Starfield New Atlantis city map and learn about its location, facilities, and how it ties in to the story.

Starfield New Atlantis: Sarah Morgan, head of Constellation in the city, against a blurred background of the location, with two map pin markers.

Exploring the universe can be a lonely endeavor, though the Starfield New Atlantis city offers a nice reprieve with plenty of company. It’s one of the major cities you’ll come across in your journey among the stars, so you’re going to want to know all you can about this city, including the Starfield New Atlantis location, map, and story.

New Atlantis is one of the most intriguing locations we’ve seen in our Starfield review playthrough. Alongside the other Starfield cities, it will be a great place to catch up with characters, meet new people, pick up quests, and upgrade your gear. Find out all you can about this dense and diverse city in one of the best Xbox RPG games ever.

Starfield New Atlantis

In Starfield, New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies, found on the Starfield planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Space exploration group Constellation is also based in New Atlantis. It is the largest city Bethesda has ever built for one of its games.

New Atlantis is also the first city the player will visit during the main Starfield missions, when you’re sent by Barrett to meet up with Constellation. Because of how central this location is to the major players in the narrative, you’ll be heading here often over the course of your journey.

Starfield New Atlantis: The front of the Trade Authority shop in the city.

Starfield New Atlantis map

The key locations on the Starfield New Atlantis map are:

  • Ship Services
  • Trade Authority
  • The Viewport spaceport
  • Jemison Mercantile
  • Constellation faction headquarters
  • United Colonies Vanguard faction headquarters

Early on, and perhaps for most of the game if you find yourself enjoying the atmosphere of New Atlantis, you’ll head to the city to dive into the Starfield ship building system. Thanks to the handy Ship Services Mechanic at the landing pad, it’s very convenient to upgrade and modify your ships.

Starfield New Atlantis: A view of the city and the Ship Services from the landing pad.

The Viewport spaceport will also be an important location to visit if you’re looking to dig deep into the Starfield ships and Starfield outpost building systems. This is because it’s a great place to get Starfield crew to assign to these facilities that will improve effectiveness.

Another location that shouldn’t be overlooked is the Trade Authority merchant found in The Well, accessed via the elevator behind Jemison Mercantile. This Trade Authority is a great place to visit if you’ve got Starfield contraband you’re looking to sell, though be careful of the ship scans as you enter New Atlantis.

While there is no in-game map of the city, you can find an interactive Starfield New Atlantis map here to navigate the sprawling city.

Starfield New Atlantis: The player inside the Constellation headquarters building called the Lodge.

Starfield New Atlantis lore 

Home to the United Colonies, one of the main Starfield factions, New Atlantis is an advanced city founded in the year 2160, only a year after the United Colonies was first established. In fact, this is only four years following the arrival of humans in Alpha Centauri, as revealed by a timeline posted by the Starfield Twitter.

Starfield New Atlantis: A timeline image posted by Bethesda that reveals the foundation date of the city.

While it’s clearly grown quite significantly over time, New Atlantis got off to a rapid start following the arrival of humans in the system and the establishment of the UC. With Starfield beginning in 2330 A.D, players are able to explore the city after nearly 200 years of development, so you can uncover a rich history in this location.

There’s even a museum inside the MAST building that will cover the history of New Atlantis, the United Colonies, and several major events that have occurred in the Settled Systems, such as the Colony War.

However, the UC is known as the most powerful military and political faction. While the city of flourishing and friendly, you’ll notice armed police on every corner as you walk through its pristine streets. Citizens also only earn true citizenship after serving in the United Colonies Vanguard. So while it might seem perfect on the surface, New Atlantis isn’t quite what it seems.

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Perhaps most importantly though, New Atlantis is also home to Constellation. This faction is where your journey will begin, as you join other intrepid explorers to uncover the mysteries of the universe. As such, you’ll be returning to New Atlantis frequently as you progress through the narrative, whether for quests or as the main hub for upgrades.

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It’s clear New Atlantis is a bustling metropolis, with towering skyscrapers looming over busy streets filled with NPCs. It also has a very diverse population, with people from all over the universe settling here to make a living. In an interview with IGN, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed that New Atlantis is “easily the biggest city in the game and the biggest city [Bethesda has] ever built”, making exploring it for the first time an exciting activity.

Starfield New Atlantis: A view of a large indoor area.

New Atlantis is one of the many locations that has a spaceport, which is very handy when you’re ready to sink your teeth into Starfield ship customization, as you’ll be able to recruit crew from this city and improve many aspects of your trusty ship. But New Atlantis is much more than a glorified space port.

The shark fin-shaped building with the United Colonies logo is the United Colonies faction’s headquarters. Another tower sports the logo of Galbank, which is the Starfield galaxy’s main bank. The city is home to a memorial commemorating those that died in the Colony War between the UC and the Starfield Freestar Collective. The home of the Settled Systems News Network, or SSNN, can also be found here. As you’ll feel while exploring New Atlantis for yourself, it’s a pretty important and significant location.

Starfield New Atlantis: A view of the city at day time, with a large metallic building.

While Starfield outposts will be your main home outside of the city, players will likely find themselves returning to the comforts of the large cities like New Atlantis frequently, whether that’s to catch up with or recruit new Starfield companions, or to pick up quests. Bethesda has pulled out all the stops to make a huge, dynamic city, which is one of many reasons why Starfield is one of the best RPG games of recent years.

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