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Rally up your buddies, this is when XDefiant will finally launch

The wait is almost over for Ubisoft’s XDefiant as the free-to-play shooter finally locks in a launch date for PS5 and Xbox.

XDefiant launch date: An image of the Echelon operator in XDefiant.

It’s a time of celebration for XDefiant fans across PS5 and Xbox right now. After months of various playtests, delays, and a constantly spinning rumor mill, Ubisoft is finally ready to release its new FPS into the wild. The XDefiant launch date is confirmed, and better yet, it’s just a couple of weeks away.

In a new social media post about the long-awaited FPS game, Ubisoft confirms that “the fast arena shooter you’ve been waiting for is almost here! XDefiant drops on May 21 on PlayStation 5, [and] Xbox Series X|S.” The road to the XDefiant release date hasn’t been easy, as previous rumors alleged that it was originally destined to drop back in February. XDefiant’s delay was made even more brutal among claims that Ubisoft was trying to chase trends, specifically attempting to copy its main rival Call of Duty.

Our experience with the recent XDefiant Server Test didn’t match the heights of last year’s beta build. Consistent de-sync issues, unbalanced weapons, and lackluster UI design choices didn’t exactly play to Ubisoft’s strengths, as we expected far more sheen from a studio with such considerable assets behind it. However, with any luck, the game’s launch state will be a vast improvement. Ubisoft has offered assurance to players on that front, stating that the game was undergoing a final round of “tuning.”

XDefiant launch date confirmed: An image of Ubisoft on social media confirming the XDefiant release date.

Whether it runs like a finely oiled machine on launch is up in the air, but one thing is for certain, and that’s the abandonment of XDefiant’s last-gen ports. Ubisoft had previously implied that it would be leaving PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles behind, and now this release date announcement confirms it.

It is definitely a kick in the teeth for last-gen players, as XDefiant would have been a nice addition to all the free shooting games available on both platforms. Yet, Ubisoft presses on, and XDefiant’s launch build is already set to reveal new modes and rewards. There’s also plenty to keep you busy on the XDefiant trophy list, too.

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XDefiant’s launch is coming at an interesting time for rival multiplayer games, too. The Finals’ latest update buffs a potent meta weapon and adds a brand-new mode, while Call of Duty is allegedly teeing up a Fallout collaboration in the near future.

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