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XDefiant is inviting you to party with its new leaked modes

Boogie on down with some of the new XDefiant modes that are supposedly arriving when Ubisoft's upcoming FPS game finally launches on PS5 and Xbox.

XDefiant new modes party: a man in black and yellow taking aim, next to a scary man in skeletal gear

Several new XDefiant modes coming to Ubisoft’s much-delayed shooter may have been leaked – well, their icons have at least. Should they materialize, it looks like we’re going to be throwing some serious shapes (and grenades) in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox shooter with some intriguing game modes.

As shared by ‘Tx’ over on Twitter, XDefiant will include “some cool Party Modes just for people to vibe to” once it is fully launched. Indeed, XDefiant might be looking to join the ranks of the best party games as well as the best FPS games… Though we don’t know if all of these modes are going to arrive with Season 0 – some could arrive in later seasons, and some could also be limited-time modes that don’t stick around forever. Nevertheless, taking a look at Tx’s datamined assets, there are certainly some interesting-looking icons included in the post’s accompanying image.

From what we can see, there are eight new modes on the horizon after you discount existing server test staples Domination, Escort, Hot Shot, Occupy, and Zone Control. Though we expect to see classic modes like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag turn up at some point, there isn’t anything particularly flag-y involved here when it comes to the latter – strange.

XDefiant new modes party: all of the leaked icons

There are some curious-looking icons in the mix, including a deathly radio tower and a Colosseum (or is that a trash can?). For us, the most exciting comes in the form of a wheelbarrow filled with what appear to be tin cans. The immediate conclusion we arrived at was something to do with nail bombs – a particularly nasty form of anti-personnel device that can turn any old metal shrapnel into a lethal weapon. The wheelbarrow part is a bit odd, though – are we looking at some sort of squaddie Supermarket Sweep?

You can check out more of Tx’s recent batch of leaks here.

Nevertheless, the ‘barrow of bombs’ has got us eager to learn more about what Ubi is cooking up for the multiplayer game. Innovative gameplay is always a good thing when you’re trying to launch into the ever-competitive live service market – the studio needs to be nothing short of perfect when the XDefiant release date rolls around.

XDefiant new modes party: the current icons from known modes

After a sweat-filled weekend with the arcade shooter, the XDefiant server test has come to its conclusion. Though we’ve had our qualms with some of the mechanical tweaks Ubi’s made to movement and gunplay compared to the previous test – peep Sam’s latest on that – we’re eager to see if the developer can buffer out the pain points to give the new PS5 game and new Xbox game that extra bit of polish it needs.

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