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Helldivers 2 allegedly in “early discussions” to debut on Xbox

Hope for a Helldivers 2 Xbox port might not be completely wasted, as a new rumor claims initial talks are underway regarding the PS5 hit.

Helldivers 2 Xbox port: An image of a Helldiver in Helldivers 2.

Bringing freedom, justice, and security to the galaxy in Helldivers 2 continues to be heaps of fun, if you’ve got a PlayStation 5 that is. Xbox players are currently left on the sidelines, watching from afar as Terminids and Automatons are nuked into the high interstellar heavens. However, that could change in the future, as discussions to make a Helldivers 2 Xbox port are rumored to be in progress.

Ever since Helldivers 2 became an essential co-op game on PS5, the notion of it coming to Xbox has been on our minds. In a recent episode of the XboxEra Podcast, co-host Nick ‘Spheshal’ Baker posits that “what I’ve heard […] is that there may be some very early, very early, preliminary discussions about the possibility of Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox.”

Of course, there’s a heavy grain of salt to this rumor, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Arrowhead’s shooter become a new Xbox game in the future. As Baker points out, the departure of now ex-PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan does present fresh opportunities for Sony to try different approaches. The comparisons between Halo, one of the best Xbox game franchises ever, and Helldivers 2 continue to cause endless player debate. Even Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer is eager to spread some democracy.

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In an interview with Game File earlier this year, Spencer says that “when I look at a game like Helldivers 2, and it’s a great game, kudos to the team shipping on PC and PlayStation, I’m not exactly sure who it helps in the industry by not being on Xbox.” Spencer’s comments came after the announcement of four Xbox exclusives heading to other platforms, including the launch of hugely popular multiplayer game Sea of Thieves on PS5.

We could see Helldivers 2 becoming a smash hit on Xbox Game Pass, and it’d be wild to see the community band together across three different platforms. The pace at which Helldivers 2 players have been completing Major Orders is astounding, and we’re sure there would be some truly mesmerizing feats if PS5 and Xbox players defended the galaxy in harmony.

For now, Helldivers 2 remains a PS5 exclusive that is already a strong best game of the year contender.

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