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Helldivers 2 lays down 2 billion-Terminid gauntlet in new Major Order

The new Helldivers 2 Major Order requires all hands on deck to defeat 2 billion Terminids, and players are blasting through them in record time.

Helldivers 2 Major Order 2 billion terminids: An image of a Helldiver and a Bile Titan in Helldivers 2.

Grab your Stratagems and best Helldivers 2 buddies, because you’ll need the slickest Helldivers around to complete the latest Major Order. Following efforts to slow down the Automaton assault on Super Earth, Arrowhead is requesting that PS5 players band together to eliminate a staggering 2 billion Terminids. Sure, it seems like a lot, but the game’s community has already defeated 400 million of them in just a few hours.

Currently, Helldivers 2’s latest Major Order acknowledges the recent repulsion of Automaton forces from invading Super Earth. Now, the heat is on for PS5 players: “We must take this chance to refill our E-710 reserves in order to stage a counter-offensive.” What better way to mount a strong offense by obliterating every kind of Terminid bug out there. Especially those flying demons.

These events are why Helldivers 2 is one of the best co-op games right now, and you can be part of this Major Order, but you might want to hurry – at this rate it looks like it’ll be over in the next 48 hours. We’re basing this off previous Major Orders, like the incredibly fast operation to unlock the EXO-45 Patriot mech, and the current in-game progression.

Helldivers 2 Major Order 2 Billion: An image of the new Major Order in Helldivers 2 that reads "The Automaton invasion has slowed, thanks to valiant defence efforts. We must take this chance to refill our E-710 reserves in order to stage a counter-offensive.:

At the time of this article’s publication, nearly 20% of the Terminids have been sent to their demise by Helldivers in the space of about four hours. With this mass Terminid extermination seemingly in the bag, what we’re really curious about is what’s next for the hit multiplayer game.

One thing is clear: a new threat is coming. Some of you may already know that the arrival of the Illuminate has been on the cards for weeks, and we reckon this Major Order’s completion might lead into it. The current Automaton attack is headed toward Cyberstan, with presumably less focus on the Terminids after this galactic sweep. That means there’s a stage to be set for a new foe.

The developer has certainly been preparing us for something huge, with the latest Warbond focusing on all things explosive. However, no matter what enemy turns up, what we really want is the return of Helldiver 1’s badass Saber sword.

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