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You can finally play XDefiant again this weekend, but not for long

A new XDefiant server test is on the way, with Ubisoft gearing up to bring the heavily-delayed shooter to PS5 and Xbox this summer.

XDefiant server test April 19: a person wearing a plague mask and a rope-entwined outfit, next to a character wearing a menacing black and white armored getup

April 17, 2024 Ubisoft has confirmed that a three-day test session is coming. The contents of this article has been updated to reflect this.

XDefiant really is XDefying the odds at the minute on PS5 and Xbox. Typically, when a game is delayed to the extent Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS has been it seldom leads to a happy ending. However, the arcade shooter is being brought back for a three-day XDefiant server test at 10am PT / 1pm ET on Friday, April 19, wrapping up at the same time on Sunday, April 21. Following the test’s conclusion, Ubi’s hoping it’ll finally be able to stamp on a release date.

“As announced in our latest update, we are having a Server Test Session to help test our servers’ status and provide critical information to prepare for launch,” Ubi’s announcement reads. If you’re on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, you can preload the FPS game right now, so get going. You can do this by searching for the ‘XDefiant – Server Test Session’ on your console’s digital storefront.

Ubi’s also promised a slew of test session rewards, including skins and boosters that’ll carry over into the full game – more on those here.

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The server test was originally reported by Insider Gaming, which shortly before Ubi’s announcement revealed that one of the biggest upcoming shooters of recent years is looking to flex (and stress) its servers across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The caveat here is that this was only “almost a guarantee,” according to the outlet’s source, with the most recent round of internal testing deciding whether the server test could even go ahead – clearly, it went well in hindsight.

Ubisoft previously stated at the end of March that it was “finishing preparation for a 12-hour server test session,” so it’s great to see that the multiplayer game will once again see the light of play – even fleetingly. Ubi is looking to lock in the XDefiant release date once the server test has concluded, with Insider saying it’s “tentatively targeting a summer release date.” This would mark a full year since the originally-delayed summer 2023 release window.

With the Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War reveal reportedly set to arrive in June’s Xbox Showcase, it’s certainly a less-than-ideal time to launch the game that has been often dubbed a potential ‘CoD-killer.’ Last year, CoD was in a considerably worse spot, with MW2’s multiplayer failing to live up to expectations. However, despite Call of Duty MW3’s paltry campaign, the online gameplay experience this time around has been significantly better – at least mechanically.

There’s also the issue that we’re now returning to Black Ops after four years away from the sub-series. Not only that, but Treyarch has been whittling away at the 2024 CoD game in some capacity ever since Black Ops Cold War arrived – the longest dev time of any Call of Duty game ever – so we’re expecting big things. Though executive producer Mark Rubin has previously attempted to shut down CoD comparisons, they are an unfortunate inevitability of flying close to a gaming supergiant.

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