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Check out these sweet XDefiant rewards, available for 3 days only

The XDefiant server test for PS5 and Xbox will let you unlock these free XDefiant rewards to bring into the Ubisoft FPS on day one.

XDefiant free rewards server test: An image of the Echelon faction in XDefiant.

The time to dominate the arena in XDefiant is almost here. Ubisoft’s promising multiplayer shooter returns for the XDefiant server test, giving PS5 and Xbox players a limited window to squad up and test their mettle. You’ll have the chance to some earn free XDefiant rewards too, and the best part is that they’ll be ready for you on day one when the game fully launches.

Just like earning XDefiant beta rewards on PS5 and Xbox last year, the XDefiant server test is packing a few limited-time freebies to claim, in return for your efforts on the battlefield. According to Ubisoft, the upcoming FPS game will gift new and returning players alike with “exclusive weapon skins and a weapon XP booster.” In total, there are only three challenges to complete, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be too difficult either:

  • Play in the test: MP5 Shamrock Weapon Skin
  • Play in a Party: M9 Ember Weapon Skin
  • Reach Level 18: Weapon XP Boosters (x3)

The MP5 is one of the best XDefiant guns in the entire game, and we spent plenty of time beaming other players with it during the game’s previous beta phases. There’s definitely fun to be found with the M9, but you’ll need to be an eagle-eyed marksman with this handgun. What these challenges do confirm is that the server test allows progression up to Level 18. Whether this is the max rank for the testing period is unclear, but it should keep you occupied across all three days.

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Regardless, we hope that XDefiant’s many delays are worth the wait, as it has potential to be one of the best multiplayer games around. All the XDefiant factions present some exciting gameplay opportunities, with the Splinter Cell-inspired Echelon faction capturing our attention in particular during the game’s last beta. Of course, a big question on many players’ minds is whether it can stand toe-to-toe with competitors like Call of Duty.

We spoke to the game’s executive producer Mark Rubin last year, where he clarified that XDefiant isn’t out to be a ‘Call of Duty killer’, but a strong multiplayer experience that can co-exist alongside it. There’s definitely solid foundations in place for it to succeed, but Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty game could be a serious roadblock later this year. In the meantime, we’re still waiting for a concrete XDefiant release date to emerge.

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