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Massive new COD Black Ops Gulf War leak lifts the lid on loadouts

The Black Ops Gulf War leaks continue with a list of weapon descriptions giving more info on what you can expect from new and returning weapons on PS5 and Xbox.

Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War weapons: Captain Price wearing grey tactical gear, next to a juggernaut wearing brown and beige armor

Leaks for the new Call of Duty game – reportedly titled Black Ops Gulf War – have been flying about like an F/A-18 Hornet. Now, we may know a lot more about the Black Ops Gulf War weapons coming to the 2024 CoD game on PS5 and Xbox. This is thanks to a fresh report from leaker ‘Exo Vondy’ that provides what looks to be a comprehensive breakdown of each weapon and its in-game description. But that’s not all, as the leaker has also provided details on everything you’ll find elsewhere in your multiplayer loadout.

Any competitive Call of Duty player worth their salt will be looking to get any sort of edge they can heading into Black Ops Gulf War – or whatever the new PS5 game and new Xbox game will be called when it’s officially unveiled by Treyarch later this year. Knowing exactly what sort of weaponry you’re going to be handling in the multiplayer game is a hefty boon, especially when firearms from previous games are included in Exo Vondy’s list.

The list below includes every weapon the leaker previously revealed, though this time with proper descriptors. Of course, all leaks should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, and the poster themselves notes that their information is “incohesive at worst, and fragmented at best.” Still, as a possible indicator of what’s to come in the FPS game, it’s invaluable.

Here are all the Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War weapons and their descriptions so far, courtesy of Exo Vondy:

Assault Rifles

  • M4-S (Colt Model 723)- With a smaller magazine than its counterparts, the M4-S provides quicker shots with less recoil and better accuracy.
  • Kastov 74 (AK-74) – Best in class range, highly accurate, power trade-off.
  • Krig C (CETME Model L) – Full-auto assault rifle. Improved damage and accuracy. Excellent weapon control with slightly faster reload speeds.
  • VAP 9 (AS Val) – Chambered in subsonic 9x39mm and integrally suppressed, the AS VAL is a powerhouse built for stealth, accuracy, and penetration. This weapon will excel in the hands of an operator able to control heavy recoil and a high rate of fire.
  • M16 (M16A2) – 3-round burst assault rifle. Excellent burst fire accuracy when aiming down sights, and high damage in short-range encounters.
  • SA87 (L85A1) – Fully automatic bullpup assault rifle. A lower rate of fire and 5.56mm ammunition keep this rifle stable and effective at long ranges.
  • FTAC Light (AR-18) – Good damage and range, less opportunity for successive fire.
  • R-2 (RM2) – Light machine gun rebuilt for fast-fire ballistics.
  • SR-8 (SAR-80) – Lightweight carbine ideal for CQC encounters.

Battle Rifles

  • Lienna 57 (SG 542) – This compact AR is capable of high accuracy during sustained fire at short to medium ranges.
  • C58 (CETME Model C) – Full-auto assault rifle. High damage at close range with a slower fire rate. Fast bullet velocity and reliable recoil control with less ammo capacity.
  • TAQ-F (FAL) – Semi-automatic battle rifle with a high rate of fire for faster follow-up shots.
  • Kastov 73 (AEK-973) – Designed with a unique recoil system and chambered in 5.45x39mm, the Kastov 73 features a high rate of fire best used at close to mid-range.Marksman Rifles
  • MK-18 (M16 Mk12 SPR) – A rifle of choice for marksmen who are quick on their feet.
  • CAMRS (IMI Romat) – Customizable semi-automatic long-range designated marksman rifle, deals high damage.
  • Kastov 97 (AEK-971) – The Kastov 97’s 3-round burst makes it excellent in close quarters but difficult to control. Shooters should switch to Semi-Automatic for longer ranges.
  • Tempus Torrent (SR-25) – This hard-hitting DMR from the Tempus Armament offers the versatility of the M4 Platform and the velocity and impact of 7.62 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on-target shots and quick kills.
  • Lienna 550 (SG-550) – This accurized rifle has a refined two-stage trigger.


  • Kastov-M (Gepard PDW) – A highly modified Kastov-74u, the Kastov-M is as small as the Kastov model has ever come in. Perfect for run-and-gun play.
  • Raptor-9 (FAMAE SAF) – Small, compact Submachine Gun with no stock. Hard to control recoil, but very high rate of fire and hip-fire accuracy.
  • Lachmann Sub (MP5) – Full-auto submachine gun. Fast fire rate with low recoil. Good visibility and control while firing.
  • VAP 2 (SR-2 Veresk) – Russian compact SMG with special gas-operated mechanics usually reserved for assault rifles.
  • MD-97L (IMBEL MD1) – This weapon is a compact, semi-automatic version of the TAQ-F. This weapon offers a faster rate of fire and is more accurate.
  • VCAR (Grendel R31) – Portable, lightweight carbine.
  • VAP 3 (SR3 VIKHR) – A compact, full-auto Russian carbine.
  • FMG9 (PP-90) – 9mm close to mid-range folding submachine gun with moderate recoil and high rate of fire.
  • AMR9 (Colt Model 635) – A fully automatic submachine gun chambered in 9mm, the AMR9 is a go-to for operatives who prefer to shred the competition from close to mid-range.


  • M500 (Mossberg 500) – Standard shotgun ideal for short-range combat. A high-projectile spread makes up for its lower accuracy at long range.
  • OCP500 (Bullpup Mossberg 500) – Bullpup shotgun ideal for mid-range combat.
  • Roku 360 (USAS 12) – Gas-operated, combat shotgun capable of fully automatic 12 gauge fire. Bulky, heavy and powerful.
  • Olympia (Rottwiel Skeet Olympia 72) – Double-barrel over/under shotgun. Effective at medium to close range.
  • Super Sport (Remington 11) – This semi-auto shotgun does a lot of damage with a fast rate of fire.
  • SAW-H (KSP-58) – Firing the heavier 7.65 x 51mm cartridge and belt-fed with a 100-round capacity.
  • SAW-L (KSP-58D) – Being a variant of the SAW-H, the SAW-L has an advantage for close-range combat with its fast firing rate and light handling.

Sniper Rifles

  • Kastov-M (Dragunov) – A Soviet workhorse chambered in 7.62mm x 54mm. This gas-operated semi-automatic sniper rifle allows for rapid follow-up shots.
  • Ratio-P (PGM Ultima Ratio) – Long-range sniper rifle. It is designed to provide accurate long-range fire against enemy personnel and unarmored targets.
  • Ratio-H (PGM Hecate II) – Long-range anti-material rifle. Designed to disable armored targets at extreme ranges.
  • LW3 – Tundra (L96A1) – Bolt-action sniper rifle. High damage with moderate sway. One-shot kill to the head, upper chest, and shoulders.


  • Lach-9 (USP-9) – Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close range.
  • Lach-45 (USP-45) – .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol that has a low recoil, best used in mid-range combat.
  • Sykov (Makarov) – A dependable fallback in close quarters, this double-action/single-action sidearm comes with a few custom gunsmith mods that make it an outstanding addition to any arsenal.
  • GP13 Auto (Stetchkin APS) – Select-fire machine pistol ideal for panic firing.
  • Lach-30 (Grendel P30) – Sleek design and simple handling make it easy to carry as the heat comes down.
  • TAQ Handheld (Five-Seven) – Semi-automatic pistol. Versatile and strong overall with a large magazine.
  • Dianolli (Beretta M9) – Semi-automatic. A well-rounded combination of ammo capacity, range, damage, and recoil.


  • LAW (M72) – The Light Anti-Tank Weapon is a portable single-shot anti-tank system that fires 66mm unguided rockets. The warhead can inflict serious damage to heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Panzerfuast (Panzerfaust 3) – Free-fire shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.
  • Stinger (FIM-92 Stinger) – Free-fire rocket launcher that can be detonated mid-flight.


  • Hunting Knife
  • Scout Knife
  • Breaching Tool

If you’re a Modern Warfare player you’ll perhaps be surprised to see some familiar weapon names pop up, such as the Kastov 74 and the Lachmann Sub – you shouldn’t be. Aside from the fact that both the AK-74 and the MP5 – the two real-world weapons the CoD team is basing these staple in-game choices on – were very much around during the Gulf War, it’s clear that in-game lore consistency is being carried over between sub-series.

For more from Exo Vondy’s leak list, including perks, equipment, field upgrades, and score streaks, check out the poster’s Twitter page here.

Beyond this leak, a litany of Black Ops Gulf War information has already been reported. Back in February, it was claimed that Call of Duty MW3’s open-world missions are back on the menu. Meanwhile, our very own Sam has written at length about his wishes for a Zombies TranZit remaster, following the leak of the Jetgun Wonder Weapon.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed just yet – the new CoD game hasn’t even been unveiled. The good news is that we shouldn’t have to wait much longer, as we recently highlighted a report claiming that Black Ops Gulf War will get its big reveal in June’s Xbox Showcase. Just two months to go…

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