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XDefiant still has “tuning” to do, but a release date is coming soon

Ubisoft are putting the final touches on XDefiant finally, and the long-awaited XDefiant release date is set to be revealed imminently.

XDefiant release date confirmation: An image of the cleaners in XDefiant.

You might need to start making space for XDefiant on your PS5 and Xbox, as it finally sounds like Ubisoft’s free-to-play FPS is preparing for launch. The recent XDefiant server test opened the floodgates for a brief window, showcasing the game’s fast-paced action and improvements to general matchmaking. Now, executive producer Mark Rubin claims that the studio is adding some final tweaks to the game, and that a concrete release date is coming.

Speaking about the new PS5 game and new Xbox game on social media, Rubin details the key takeaways from the game’s test session. “We know it wasn’t perfect for everyone, but because of your feedback and the data we collected, we were able to identify a few things that we can tune to improve the experience,” Rubin explains. In our experience with XDefiant recently, the promising FPS game was riddled with de-sync issues, balancing inconsistencies, and a general lack of polish to the game’s UI.

However, as a work-in-progress multiplayer game, we know that these elements are set to be ironed out. Rubin notes that prevalent issues in the server test included the highly frustrating Delta-01 error code, bugged health bars, and ping-related obstacles. “The Server Test Session went really well from a scale and server standpoint. We have some tuning to do […] and lastly, release date coming very soon,” Rubin adds in a follow-up post.

XDefiant server test results: An image of Ubisoft's Mark Rubin discussing the XDefiant server test.

The XDefiant release date has been a major talking point for the game, with multiple delays blocking the game from landing on consoles.

Previous rumors claimed that XDefiant’s delay was due to Ubisoft’s desire to chase trends, specifically attempting to replicate the success of rival franchises like Call of Duty. However, in our own chat with Rubin last year, he clarified to us that XDefiant isn’t designed to be a ‘Call of Duty killer’. Backed up by its vibrant map design, Rubin believes there’s room for the two franchises to exist, and that XDefiant will carve out its own niche in the FPS scene.

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