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New Stalker 2 trailer teases the massive scale of its open world

The latest Stalker 2 trailer shows off the Xbox Series X|S's visual power, as GSC teases life beyond just trying to survive in The Zone.

Stalker 2 new Xbox trailer: An image of Richter on top of a crane in Stalker 2.

We’re getting closer to the launch of Stalker 2, and if you’ve been itching to see more of GSC Game World’s new shooter, you’re in for a treat. The long-time Stalker developer is giving Xbox players a glimpse into the huge, haunting heart of Chornobyl with a new Stalker 2 trailer, which suggests there’s more to the game’s dour world than bullets and survival. Actually, you might just make a friend or two along the way.

Set to potentially join the ranks of the best Xbox Game Pass games when it arrives later this year, Stalker 2’s new trailer isn’t terribly long, but there’s enough here to warrant buying your ticket for the hype train. We’re met at the top of a rusty crane (as you do) by Richter, one of many fresh characters you’ll meet across the new Xbox game. “You could find anything you wanted here, Skif…money, a bullet, a friend,” Richter says, suggesting there might be life beyond just trying to weather the worst of Stalker’s harsh environment.

“Even yourself,” Richter adds. Who knows, you might just have an existential moment or two. We’re already having one when we remember how long it has been since 2009’s Call of Pripyat. However, what really strikes us about the promising open world game is just how overwhelming it looks – and that’s a good thing. According to the developer, Stalker 2 will boast a “seamless” map, and you can expect “more than 60 square kilometers of space, which is one of the biggest open worlds in video games to date.” The new trailer’s brief section on top of that crane certainly gives you a sense of the FPS game’s huge scale with some quick panoramic views. You can watch it below.

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GSC clarifies it’ll take over “100 hours” to uncover every one of its secrets, too. There’s so much ground to cover in Stalker 2, and rest assured it’ll run as smooth as butter. When the Stalker 2 release date arrives, GSC confirmed in a previous interview with GamerSky that “the Xbox Series X|S console version of the game has two graphics modes for players to choose from, Performance and Quality. We aim to achieve a frame rate of 60fps in Performance Mode.”

However, if you’re thinking all of this sounds wicked, and you’re a Sony loyalist, we’ve got some bad news. Stalker 2 is an Xbox exclusive, which means it is unlikely a Stalker 2 PS5 version will ever be released. PlayStation players should still be hopeful, though, as some of the best Xbox games like Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush have recently made their way onto other platforms. Our next major look at Stalker 2 is likely to be at the Xbox June Showcase, and if it looks as good as this trailer, we’re definitely going to see something special from GSC.

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