XDefiant closed beta may be extended amid server issues, says producer

Ubisoft producer Mark Rubin provides an update on the ongoing XDefiant closed beta, as FPS game players on PS5 and Xbox experience XDefiant server issues.

Echelon class in Ubisoft shooter XDefiant

If you’ve been looking for a new FPS game to bear arms in, then the Ubisoft-developed XDefiant has likely popped up on your radar. Blending together the worlds of Splinter Cell, The Division, Ghost Recon, and Watch Dogs into one big multiplayer cocktail, the XDefiant closed beta is here but not without problems. As problems like the XDefiant DELTA-07 error code continue to lock out players, we now have an update on the future of the closed beta.

Ubisoft executive producer Mark Rubin is easing the minds of XDefiant players on social media, taking a moment to offer assurance about the XDefiant closed beta’s future. “If all goes well and the servers finally gain some stability then I think we should look at extending the Beta but I have to see what that would mean for [the Ubisoft] team,” says Rubin.

The former Call of Duty producer isn’t shying away from giving players definitive news on the beta’s state: “Just to update you on the new server rollout. We’re still tweaking some settings to improve matchmaking times for everyone. We are seeing better performance overall on these servers but we know there are still some outlier issues that we are working on.”

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Players have been experiencing a myriad of obstacles not limited to but including the XDefiant DELTA-07  or XDefiant ECHO error. Those who got the worst of it are also encountering the XDefiant FOXTROT-01 or XDefiant BRAVO-01 code. While the game is seeing multiple errors occur, Rubin iterates that they will be resolved as soon as possible.

“We are live on PC but consoles still require approval from Sony and MS. That takes a little while. Days not hours, unfortunately. We are pushing to get that approval as fast as we can,” Rubin expresses. Though the timeframe for console fixes may be frustrating for PS5 owners, Rubin says that “it’s just due to the rush of people. But hopefully, we stabilize quickly. And remember you still may experience some issues with progression. We are still working on that. But the patch was the priority at the time.”

It sounds like PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to enjoy the game in due course, and when you do get logged on, you’ll want to use the best XDefiant controller settings before you start fighting. Between all the XDefiant maps, you’ll quickly discover it is essential to master one of the many XDefiant classes at your disposal.

We’ve been experimenting with the Splinter Cell-inspired Echelon class, which when paired with some of the best XDefiant weapons, can be a very viable choice in battle.