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XDefiant ECHO error causes and ways to fix them

Find out what is causing these errors, all the way from ECHO-01 to ECHO-06 and beyond and if you can make any tweaks to your setup to fix it.

XDefiant Echo

The XDefiant ECHO errors appear for one of a number of reasons, either due to servers being overloaded, your account having issues connecting, or the game not being available. The main ways to try and fix these issues are to keep restarting the game and trying to load in again.

Each ECHO error is different; for example, ECHO-04 will tell you that the servers aren’t available while an ECHO-01 error will display a message telling you your account is locked. However, if you haven’t done anything wrong this likely isn’t the case and is more likely that you are having trouble connecting and entering matches, and loading in past the main menu.

Ubisoft and the XDefiant team have acknowledged these error codes on social media. The best place to look and see if these errors are a wider issue is on the XDefiant or Ubisoft Support Twitter accounts. In some cases, these may be caused by the XDefiant servers being down. If this isn’t the case though, you may need to reach out to Ubisoft to see what is going on with your account.

Mark Rubin and the XDefiant Twitter account have both tweeted about the server issues during the closed beta. So, for right now these errors are likely due to the game running out of servers or being overloaded, which Mark Rubin has said has been causing issues.

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So, you aren’t the only one who is finding the XDefiant Echo errors to be a pain. There are a lot of people running into the same issues. But, hold steady and you should be back playing with your friends in what could become one of the best competitive FPS games soon.