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XDefiant DELTA-07 error code explanation and how to fix

Find out why this error code times you out as you attempt to enter Ubisoft's shooter and see if there is anything you can do to solve it.

XDefiant Delta-07

The DELTA-07 error code for XDefiant appears when your connection timed out as you tried to load into the game or a match. The issue can be resolved by retrying to enter or switching to a wired internet connection. However, the error can also be seen when the game’s servers are suffering from stability issues.

This is one of the more common error codes for the game, so you will likely come across this quite a bit, especially if you have an unreliable internet connection. Some other ways to boost your connection and make it more consistent include getting a booster that you can place closer to your PC or console, or trying to move your router closer to the platform you are playing on in your house.

If your internet connection is slow, you could also receive this error code. As mentioned, there is a chance you might see this error code during busy periods when a lot of people are playing, such as in the current closed beta. In these cases, there isn’t much you can do.

Instead, you may just have to wait or keep trying to get into what could become one of the best FPS games.

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Now you know the cause of and how to fix the XDefiant DELTA-07 error code. One other common error code you can get in the closed beta is the XDefiant FOXTROT-01 error, which you can read about here. And, if you want to figure out what to equip in your class, our guides on the XDefiant factions and XDefiant weapons and guns should help you out.