XDefiant BRAVO-04 error code and cause of it

Get an overview of this somewhat rare error in XDefiant, as well as an idea of if you can fix it or not on the platform you are on.

XDefiant Bravo 04: A number of soldiers can be seen shooting each other

The XDefiant BRAVO-04 error is caused when multiplayer is disabled or your internet is disconnected on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. This error can also be seen when the game’s servers are suffering from connection issues. The only way to fix this issue is by enabling multiplayer or connecting to the internet if the problem lies on your end.

If the issue is alternatively because of Ubisoft’s servers having issues, there isn’t much you can do. The only option, really, is to keep trying to log in to the game and connect to matches. XDefiant‘s closed beta is experiencing a number of server problems, so this error might be more common than when the game finally releases.

Compared to some of the other error codes in the game, this issue is one of the less common ones generally due to it the issue being on the player’s side. As we said, the two ways to fix this are to either reconnect your internet or ensure multiplayer is enabled on your console or PC account. They can be done on your desktop, or via the console’s menu.

While this error may be on the player’s end, it is also worth just checking the latest details from Ubisoft and the XDefiant team on if the XDefiant servers are down. Our guide has the latest from the team.

So, now you know exactly why you are getting the error, you can begin to solve it or take some time out, read up on the XDefiant factions and prepare for the game’s server issues to be fixed. After all, XDefiant is looking to be one of the best FPS games this year, so it’s worth getting to grips with everything in the game and all the choices you have.