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Starfield magazine locations and skill book collectibles

Tracking down Starfield magazines is a great way to get skill boosts for your character, so here are the magazine locations and the benefits they provide.

Starfield magazine locations: A man in a grey undersuit with long brown hair. A blue book floats beside him

What are all the Starfield magazine locations? Like Bethesda’s previous games, there are plenty of collectibles to find and collect in Starfield which can reward you with permanent upgrades to your characters. Most notably, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for Starfield skill books or Starfield magazines which are hidden around the universe. So, what are the skill book locations in Starfield, and what benefits do they grant you?

With around a thousand Starfield planets to explore, there’s a lot of potential hiding spots for the Starfield magazine and skill books. However, these collectibles offer small but effective boosts to your character’s abilities, especially once you’ve got them all. When paired with the best Starfield backgrounds and best Starfield traits picked during Starfield character customization, these skill magazines are worth chasing.

Starfield magazines locations

The Starfield magazine locations are as follows:

  • Constellation Guide 01 – on a countertop in The Lodge in New Atlantis on Jemison
  • The New Atlantian 01 – on a desk outside the Tau Gourmet Production Center on Tau Ceti II
  • CombaTech Catalog 02 – on a desk in the Commander’s Office of the United Colonies Vigilance ship
  • Peak Performance 05 – on a desk in the gym of The Key, the Crimson Fleet’s base
  • Vanguard Space Tactics 01 – in a side room next to the UC Vanguard’s space combat simulators

Though there’s a whole universe full of planets to explore, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the skill magazines in Starfield are placed in the path of main and side quests, rather than the procedurally generated areas of planetary exploration. You’ll still have to keep your eyes peeled and search for them, but they’re not randomized. As such, hunting down the skill books is a great opportunity to get to know your Starfield companions and Starfield crew that can join you.

Below you can find instructions on how to find all the Starfield magazines we’ve encountered in our playthrough so far.

Starfield magazine locations: a magazine on a curved wooden table

Constellation Guide 01

Constellation Guide 01 will permanently reduce fall damage by 5% and can be found on a countertop inside The Lodge in New Atlantis, the home of the Constellation faction. Upon entering The Lodge, head into the main hall where you will find the skill book sat on a wooden countertop near the Artifact table. You’re likely to encounter this magazine early on in the game if you’ve been playing through the main quest, though you can always head back to this location if you missed it.

Starfield magazine locations: a white magazine lying on a grey metal desk

The New Atlantian 01

The New Atlantian 01 will permanently grant the recipe for The Deep food item and can be found on a desk inside a building to the east of the Tau Gourmet Production Center on Tau Ceti II. Thankfully, there is a landing point nearby, so you can head directly west from the landing point towards the Tau Gourmet Production Center where you can find an abandoned building. Upstairs is the desk with The New Atlantian 01 skill magazine sitting on top. You’re likely to encounter this during a quest to join the UC Vanguard, one of the Starfield factions, but you can head here anytime before or afterwards.

Starfield magazine locations: a black magazine on a white coffee table

CombaTech Catalog 02

The CombaTech Catalog 02 provides a slight increase to the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons and can be found on a desk in the Commander’s Office of the United Colonies Vigilance ship. As such, it’s likely you will need to join the United Colonies Vanguard faction to be able to collect this magazine, as you will head to this location during the faction questline.

Starfield magazine locations: a black, yellow, and white magazine lying on a metal workbench

Peak Performance 05

The Peak Performance 05 magazine permanently increases carrying capacity by 5kg and is located on a desk in the gym of The Key – the Crimson Fleet’s base – which can be found in the Reckoner’s Core area. You’re likely to encounter this magazine during the Starfield Crimson Fleet and United Colonies faction quests as these will send you to The Key space station.

Starfield magazine locations: A magazine left on a grey workbench surrounded by clutter

Vanguard Space Tactics 01

The Vanguard Space Tactics 01 magazine is most easily found when you first join the UC Vanguard in Starfield. After speaking with Tuala in the MAST building in New Atlantis and agreeing to enlist, he will send you on your initiation training, which involves going down to the UC Vanguard’s space combat simulator room. When you enter the room, follow the walkway and go up the right hand staircase. At the top of the staircase is a small side room. Inside that side room, you’ll find Vanguard Space Tactics 01 sat on a workbench next to a green medical supply box.

Starfield magazine skill boosts

These are the Starfield magazine series discovered so far and the skills they help improve:

  • Constellation Guides – less fall damage
  • The New Atlantian – new food recipes
  • CombaTech Catalog – improved performance of CombaTech weapons
  • Peak Performance – increases carrying capacity
  • Vanguard Space Tactics – ship missiles deal more damage
  • Grunt Issue – ballistic weapons do more critical damage
  • Mining Monthly – increases tool-grip weapon damage
  • UC Defense Manual – increases magazine size and critical bash chance for Allied Armaments weapons

There are expected to be several more series of magazines and skill books to collect, though these are the ones we’ve come across so far. Notably, each series contained numerous books and magazines to find and collect, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

Once you have found and picked up a skill magazine, it will grant you a permanent reward, including stat increases, bonus effects, and even crafting recipes that are otherwise inaccessible. As such, these are extremely valuable collectibles if you can get your hands on them.

So, get out there and start hunting down the Starfield magazine locations and skill books. Once you’ve done all this busy work, why not stick your feet up in one of your Starfield outposts or Starfield houses? With a universe so teeming with things to do, it’s no surprise it’s set to be one of the best RPG games of recent times.

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