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20 PS5 games that could appear at May’s rumored PlayStation Showcase

From likely candidates such as Concord to hopium-fuelled picks like Kingdom Hearts 4, here are our predictions for the rumored PlayStation Showcase.

Playstation showcase predictions: A split image showing a muscular cartoon man with spiked black and red hair and a high collared jacket, and a snarling Venom from Spider-Man

Rumor has it that a brand new PlayStation Showcase or State of Play is arriving before the end of May, and that means loads of amazing updates, trailers, and reveals for upcoming PS5 games could be on the horizon. Last year’s showcase was a big one, and with Xbox gearing up for a massive presentation of its own during Summer Game Fest, there is definitely an impetus for Sony to go hard and kick off the reveal season in style.

So, we’ve decided to compile The Loadout team’s predictions for all the new PS5 games that we think will be featured in some capacity. Maybe we’re being overoptimistic, or maybe we’re low-balling Sony, but that’s for you to decide once you’ve taken a look. Some of the best PS5 games ever, like Helldivers 2 and Spider-Man 2, cropped up during the 2023 showcase, so we’re expecting big things for 2024 – should it materialize, of course.

Also note that we’re just focusing on announcements for PS5 games here – we’re confident that the PS5 Pro console will eventually be revealed, for example, but we’re leaving things like hardware, movie or TV spinoffs, and PS Plus announcements to one side for now. Our predictions are also split up into three sections – very likely, likely, and hopeful.

PlayStation showcase predictions: Three guardians from Destiny 2 radiating mystical pink energy

Very likely

Destiny 2 The Final Shape (and the future of Destiny?)

This is a bit of a no-brainer, considering that The Final Shape release date will arrive very soon after this potential May showcase. It would present Sony with one last opportunity to hype up the delayed but impressive-looking new expansion for Destiny 2.

If we were to attach an added curveball prediction to this, maybe we’ll hear a bit more about the future of Destiny as well. We know that The Final Shape will wrap up the lengthy Light and Dark saga, and that we’ll get three ‘episodes’ of content until the next big expansion arrives in 2025. So what comes next? Maybe we’ll get a slither of info about the direction Destiny will take in the future. What seems certain though is that we’ll get at least one more kickass trailer for The Final Shape.

A Helldivers 2 celebration

Sony recently revealed that Helldivers 2 is now its fastest-selling game of all time, and if it somehow doesn’t shout about that mind-blowing stat during its next showcase, I’ll eat my Quasar Cannon. Alongside this, we think we could see some kind of reveal of new Helldivers 2 content. This could be as simple as an early look at the next Warbond, or it could potentially be the reveal of the co-op game’s next enemy faction, which is more than likely The Illuminate from the original Helldivers.


One of the many live service games revealed at last year’s showcase, PvP sci-fi shooter Concord will almost certainly feature at Sony’s next showcase. Well, it has to, really, because even though the Concord release date is set to arrive some time in 2024, we know almost nothing about it.

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A gameplay trailer and some more details from Firewalk Studios about what shooter fans can expect is definitely needed, and an announcement of a firm release date also seems likely.

Spider-Man 2 DLC

Sony has already admitted that there’ll be “no major releases” from its top franchises until at least 2025, so it needs to find some star power from somewhere over the next 12 months. Well, some new story DLC for Spider-Man 2 seems like the way to do it.

An initial story trailer flaunting some new characters and features, or even just a small tease for whatever fresh narrative beat is on the way, would be ace. Considering Spider-Man on the PS4 got the ball rolling on DLC less than two months after launch, and we’re now (checks watch) almost six months into Spider-Man 2, it’s definitely due.

Silent Hill 2 remake

A lot is riding on Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake as its source material remains one of the best horror games of all time, and a firm favorite of ours at The Loadout HQ. Having finally offered up a proper glimpse at its gameplay during January’s State of Play, we’re expecting a much more comprehensive look at James, Maria, and co. soon, as well as that all-important Silent Hill 2 remake release date. If we get that May showcase, Silent Hill 2 feels like a dead cert to be there.

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At the end of April, Bloober Team stated that Silent Hill 2 is its “most important test” yet. Fortunately, it looks to be progressing well – not only is the studio “excited” about the project, but it’s also “very confident about the final result.” Come on, Bloober, let us in.

Until Dawn remake

Until Dawn’s Unreal Engine 5 makeover is set to hit PS5 this year, and the excellent horror game’s facelift will probably be flaunted again if this May showcase appears. We expect to hear more specific details about performance and the upgrades that have been made, as well as a firm release date (unless any unfortunate delays have hit it that would move it outside of its 2024 window).

PlayStation Showcase predictions: A woman with black and red markings on her face stares intently


Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater

While Konami itself hasn’t given a release window for its Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, Sony has – it listed Delta Snake Eater in its roundup of upcoming 2024 releases, meaning we should see it by the end of this year. Given that it was revealed in the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, and that Sony included it in said roundup, we’re pretty certain the next time we see Snake will be during another PlayStation event.

As we’ve only so far seen its initial reveal trailer and about 90 seconds of in-engine gameplay, we think an extended gameplay trailer and confirmation of Metal Gear Solid Delta’s release date is fairly likely.


Like the aforementioned Concord, multiplayer heist shooter Fairgames was announced during last year’s showcase with a cool CGI trailer but very limited details about what it actually entails.

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While it doesn’t have an impending release window to hurry things along like Concord, we’re hopeful that some early gameplay details will emerge. However, with Helldivers 2 going stratospheric and Concord likely requiring a lot of limelight, there is a chance Sony saves Fairgames for another day.

Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse is hoping to go three-for-three on successful console releases, as Zenless Zone Zero is set to join Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail on PS5 at some point this year. With a tentative July 3 release date having been spotted on the App Store in certain regions, alongside the beginning of its pre-registration period towards the end of April, the May showcase is the perfect time to confirm the true Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date.

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We did previously reach out to HoYo seeking confirmation that the PS5 version of the RPG will launch simultaneously with PC and mobile, but to no avail. Though HoYo has historically released its console ports months six months or so post-launch, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion the gacha goliath will drop its Hollow-hopping adventure across all platforms from the get go. As such, we think HoYo could confirm it will be on PS5 day-one at PlayStation’s showcase.

Wolverine, Venom, or both

With the Deadpool & Wolverine movie hitting the big screen in July, there’s definitely a lot of Logan hype right now, so it seems like the perfect moment for Insomniac to give us another look at what it’s cooking up for its Wolverine PS5 game. While it might still be a bit too early to see raw gameplay, a cinematic story trailer would go down a treat. We might even get a tentative Wolverine release date window announcement.

However, it’s worth noting that mentions of a standalone Venom game were also found within Insomniac’s massive data breach at the tail end of last year. If this is Venom project is real, could we also get a reveal of this game? Or will it just be the Wolverine show? Or could we see both Venom and Wolverine feature? Either way, we’re optimistic that we’ll hear more from Insomniac beyond what it’s up to with Miles and Peter in Spider-Man 2.

Sword of the Sea

While it might have flown under the radar in what was a packed showcase last year, Sword of the Sea is a gorgeous-looking new game from the team behind Journey and Abzu.

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Riding a levitating board, you can surf your way across visually-stunning environments and even pop a few tricks while you do so. We’ve heard very little else about Sword of the Sea since its reveal almost 12 months ago, and we think there’s a strong possibility more gameplay and a release date announcement could arrive.

That leaked Astro Bot game

Pre-installed on every PS5 is the glorious Astro’s Playroom, but rumors have been swirling that a new game featuring the adorable Astro Bot is on the way. Team Asobi has already said that it’s next project will be its “biggest to date”, so maybe Astro is being unshackled from just being a test dummy for the DualSense controllers features and is getting an even more ambitious adventure. Or, maybe there are some new bells and whistles on the PS5 Pro that require the robot’s magic touch. Unless the insiders have got this one really wrong, we think that this new Astro game should get revealed soon.

Blue Protocol’s Western release

Blue Protocol’s been out in Japan for the best part of a year now, and Bandai Namco’s challenging weeb-coded MMO is supposedly arriving in the West at some point this year. However, since November’s closed beta it’s been nothing but radio silence from both the developer and Western publisher Amazon Games.

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Summer Game Fest 2023 attendees were also able to get hands-on with the game, marking this year’s celebration as the perfect time to let players experience everything that’s been chopped and changed since the last round of feedback. Leading into the event, a surprise showing at May’s PlayStation showcase would allow Amazon to detail everything new, debut a new trailer, or even announce an open beta round – we’re especially eager for the latter. Similarly to Ubisoft’s XDefiant, we can imagine a concrete Blue Protocol release date will only be offered up after testing’s successfully concluded.

Phantom Blade Zero

Like several others on this list, Phantom Blade Zero was revealed at last year’s showcase, but virtually nothing else has been said about it since. This hack-and-slash RPG game might have looked a little drab, aesthetically, but its rapid combat is stuffed full of stylish moves and it sounds like there will be plenty of eccentric characters and story beats.

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While not a first-party studio, developer S-Game is looking to launch this one as a PlayStation console exclusive, and with how far along it looked in its gameplay trailer 12 months ago, we won’t be surprised if we see it get a release date announcement in Sony’s May showcase – we reckon it could be eyeing up either a late 2024 or early 2025 launch.

DBZ Sparking! Zero

The hype around Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero has been unbelievable, and it’s absolutely merited. The first installment in the legendary Budokai Tenkaichi series since 2010, Spike Chunsoft isn’t skimping out on the details from what we’ve seen so far of the Unreal Engine 5-based fighting game.

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Publisher Bandai Namco has been on a bit of a marketing warpath as of late, delivering a comprehensive 12-minute gameplay showcase back in March. Meanwhile, the game also received a new trailer at the end of last month. Based on the current cadence, a release date reveal at the May showcase is not beyond the realm of possibility, especially considering PlayStation appears to be taking point on the marketing front over Xbox.

The First Descendant

The First Descendant is bound to feature at someone’s showcase in the next few weeks, given it has a ‘summer 2024’ release window. This third-person looter shooter has already had a pretty good runout thanks to a few open tests, and it’s already got a “final technical test” in the books for May 25 and 26. With the First Descendant release date sounding extremely close, it’s definitely due a big final trailer to drum up some late support.

As it’s a third-party title, it could very well crop up elsewhere, be it at Xbox’s showcase or at Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest opener. But we think it could potentially slide in for an appearance at this PlayStation Showcase.

PlayStation Showcase predictions: Sora from Kingdom Hearts wearing a black, grey, and red jacket staring off into the distance


Guerrilla’s multiplayer Horizon game

As part of Sony’s push for more multiplayer games, Guerrilla is currently cheffing up a multiplayer experience in its amazing Horizon universe. While Naughty Dog’s attempt to do the same with The Last of Us has been axed, it seems like Guerrilla’s has lived on. We can’t wait to hear about this one and see exactly what kind of experience it’s going to offer. It’s an outside bet, but we’re hopeful that we’ll get a reveal trailer and learn some early details on it this year, and this month’s rumored showcase seems like a great place to do it.

Kingdom Hearts 4

When it comes to the hopefuls, Kingdom Hearts 4 belongs in a category of its own. Since it was revealed at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event back in April 2022, Square Enix has been pretty much radio-silent outside of the odd interview with director Tetsuya Nomura around the time of the celebration. In typical Kingdom Hearts fashion, series fans (ourselves included) have been left rattling their enclosure doors for more info as we eagerly consult the stars, conduct witchy rituals, and pray to the gods for the next news morsel.

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Fortunately, unlike the much-delayed Kingdom Hearts 3, the first phase of the Lost Master Arc is sticking exclusively to Unreal Engine 5 this time, giving us hope that we’ll see Sora and the gang pop up sooner rather than later. Now, two years later, there’s a good chance that new teasers will begin to trickle out from Square HQ, and May’s PlayStation showcase would be the ideal launching point. Forget any sort of Kingdom Hearts 4 release date for now, though – we’re probably at least another year or two out from that yet.


Remember when Bioshock creator Ken Levine said he was done with the series, before announcing a game that looks suspiciously like Bioshock in space? Yeah, we do, and from what we’ve seen so far, Judas looks absolutely phenomenal.

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Unlike Kingdom Hearts 4, we’ve actually heard a decent amount from Levine and Ghost Story Games in recent times. January gifted us a new story trailer, while a select group of media outlets were invited to the studio’s Boston HQ to play six hours of its most recent build. By the sounds of things it won’t be long before we actually get to see some proper gameplay, and May’s showcase is a better opportunity than any to offer that update. Admittedly, this one could crop up at any showcase over the next few weeks, but we’d love to see Sony snag it for their own event. 

Naughty Dog’s next project

OK, this one’s a bit of a Hail Mary, but Naughty Dog is in desperate need of some good news. After its multiplayer The Last of Us project was canned in late 2023 after years of work was put into it, an initial reveal of its next single-player adventure would go down amazingly well with the studio’s fans. In December, Naughty Dog revealed that it has “more than one ambitious, brand new single-player game” in the works – we fell like now might be a good time to reveal one of them to the world.

In the Making of The Last of Us Part 2 documentary a few months back, studio head Neil Druckmann revealed that he had “recently” decided upon “a concept” for TLOU Part 3 and said that “there’s probably one more chapter to this story”. How “recently”, we don’t know, but it does sound like TLOU 3 might not have even got off the ground yet.

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Considering this, plus the fact that Druckmann has said that the studio has “moved on” from the Uncharted series, if Naughty Dog does make an appearance at the PlayStation Showcase, it’ll probably be with a brand-new IP. Or, it will have found something else to remaster… We’re really hoping it isn’t the latter.

So, if the rumors are accurate and Sony does give us a PlayStation Showcase in the coming weeks, then these are the 20 games we think you’ll see. Let us know if there are any games you think are dead certs, or if you’ve got any of your own pie-in-the-sky guesses.

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