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Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date and latest ZZZ news

Here's when the Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date was, as well as all you need to know before jumping into HoYoverse's urban fantasy RPG.

Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date: Koleda with her orange hair and eyepatch, next to the PlayStation logo

What was the Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date? When developer HoYoverse revealed its brand new action RPG game, fans of the studio on PS5 began foaming at the mouth for new information on the futuristic urban fantasy adventure. While it was broadly expected that ZZZ would arrive on Sony’s console, we initially didn’t know if it would do so on day one, or would launch later down the line as was the case with Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. Fortunately, it’s the former.

With Zenless Zone Zero, HoYo has clearly sought to continue building on the recipe for success it had concocted through the releases of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. Though it may carry a different vibe and different RPG game mechanics, it’s still a HoYo game. This means there are plenty of ZZZ codes to snag to wish for the best characters on the ZZZ banners. Read on to find out when the ZZZ PS5 release date was, as well as a trip down memory lane with regards

Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date

The Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date was 7pm PT / 10pm ET on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, and Thursday, July 4, at 3am BST. ZZZ launched on PS5 simultaneously with its other platforms, PC and mobile. HoYo confirmed the news via its social platforms at the end of May.

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Back in April HoYo opened up pre-registrations to all platforms, indicating that it was gearing up for a synchronized launch. However, this remained unconfirmed even after The Loadout reached out to the studio.

By the end of May, ZZZ had more than broken HoYo’s previous pre-reg record. At the time, over 35 million players had signed up ahead of the launch. It was then that HoYo revealed that ZZZ would be launching on PS5 at the same time as PC and mobile. By mid-June, ZZZ had blown past 40 million pre-registrations.

Zenless Zone Zero PS5 trailers

Back in March, HoYo announced its final ‘Amplifying Test’ for the game. Though it didn’t initially include PS5, signups for the console version of the game were later added in early-mid April.

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While we didn’t hear any more about a potential Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date last year, we did get to see plenty of the game itself – the latest example being The Game Awards 2023 trailer.

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Before that, the Gamescom 2023 trailer granted us a glimpse at new environments, characters, and seemingly even mini-games that you can play. There’s also plenty of combat gameplay, showcasing the incredibly stylish animations of several characters.

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In HoYo’s teaser video for the event, which you can check out below, you can just about make out what looks like the PlayStation logo on one of the skateboards featured at the 0:34 mark. This caused many to hope for news on a PS5 release date, which sadly didn’t materialize. Nevertheless, in hindsight, we can say with some certainty that it pointed towards the PS5 release.

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Zenless Zone Zero PS5 gameplay

Zenless Zone Zero brings with it a room-based roguelike approach to the RPG genre – something very different from Genshin and Honkai’s own systems. In ZZZ, players venture into interdimensional realms known as ‘Hollows’ to fight off an invasive species known as Ethereals, which have decimated most of humanity. While Genshin Impact features main characters referred to as Travellers, and Honkai Star Rail welcomes Trailblazers aboard the Astral Express, Zenless Zone Zero refers to its protagonists as ‘Proxies’.

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In line with other games developed by HoYo, players controlling Proxies will need to amass characters throughout their adventure. This involves the gacha mechanics that the studio commonly employs. Each character is aligned with a distinct faction: Belobog Heavy Industries, Criminal Investigation Special Response Team, Cunning Hares, OBOLS Squad, Section 6, or Victoria Housekeeping.

While progressing through the Hollows, players can switch between party members to execute powerful combination attacks. Unlike Genshin Impact, switching between characters allows for tag-in attacks to be executed using some form of quick-time event.

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The longest official gameplay footage of Zenless Zone Zero was showcased back at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. The footage shows the game being played using an Xbox controller, though it’s most likely running on the PC version. However, even back then it was evident that the game had been designed with console functionality in mind.

And that’s everything you need to know about when the Zenless Zen Zero PS5 release date was. Now you’ve taken a trip down memory lane, be sure to plan which character you want to try and pull for next with this ZZZ tier list that has been lovingly crafted by our friends over at PCGamesN. If you’re on the hunt for more great games to play, then check out our best RPG games guide.

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