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Zenless Zone Zero PS5 pre-reg could signal a day-one console launch

A potential Zenless Zone Zero release date has popped up on the App Store, and the ZZZ pre-registration announcement makes it a likely July PS5 release.

Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration PS5: a pink-haired girl next to the PS logo

April 23, 2024 After approaching HoYoverse for comment on the simultaneous PS5 release, as well as the App Store date, a spokesperson for the studio responded by saying it didn’t have anything to add at this time.

HoYoverse is gearing up for the release of Zenless Zone Zero, with the Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail developer finally opening up pre-registration ahead of a possible July release on PS5. Interestingly, pre-reg is being rolled out on all platforms, which could see the Zenless Zone Zero PS5 version arrive on day-one, unlike past HoYo titles. To further sweeten the deal, you’ll be rewarded with in-game goodies for registering too – nice.

Hoping to join Genshin and Star Rail on our best RPG games list, Zenless Zone Zero is an urban fantasy ARPG in which a calamity known as ‘Hollows’ has wiped out the majority civilization. The weebs among us will immediately think of Bleach, but unlike Kubo’s otherworldly monsters, Hollows are actually portals to other dimensional plains that you can enter and explore (don’t worry, there are still plenty of beasties to fight inside).

By heading to the PlayStation Store right now you can wishlist the new PS5 game, ensuring you can get in on the action the second it becomes available for download. However, you’ll need to pre-register to snag all of the rewards available, which you can do over on the ZZZ website here – it’s quite loud, so be prepared to mute your tab if doing so from PC!

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Though we don’t have official confirmation from HoYo on the Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date just yet – the studio didn’t have anything extra to add when I reached out – a tentative Wednesday, July 3, 2024 launch date has appeared on its App Store page, though it could be a placeholder. Considering Star Rail launched on March 27, 2023, just over a month after pre-reg started on February 10, this date is certainly within the realm of possibility.

With both Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, HoYoverse released the PS5 version many months after the PC and mobile versions. The fact that ZZZ pre-registration is now live across all platforms, including PlayStation, suggests to us that Zenless Zone Zero could be about to buck HoYo’s trend when it comes to releasing on console.

Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration PS5: pre-reg announcement banner showcasing the MCs

As for the treats themselves, here are all the rewards you can attain through pre-registration. Some are gated behind certain numerical milestones, but judging from how quickly players got on board with Star Rail, I don’t think we’ll need to worry about missing out.

  • Global pre-registrations above 15 million — Dennies ×30,000
  • Global pre-registrations above 20 million — Master Tape ×3
  • Global pre-registrations above 25 million — Boopon[Coup-En] ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 30 million — Master Tape ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 35 million — Agent Corin ×1
  • Global pre-registrations above 40 million — Master Tape ×12

For reference, Master Tapes are one of two ticket types required to pull on the ZZZ banners. Master Tapes are for the standard banner, while Encrypted Master Tapes are required for the limited banners. 20 free pulls, a copy of Corin, and some other in-game materials is a cracking offer for less than a minute’s worth of work, so be sure to register as soon as possible (and not just because I want the full suite of rewards).

Though ZZZ looks to be a couple of months away yet, there’s still plenty of HoYo-related goodness to enjoy. As far as the latest news is concerned, Honkai 2.1 recently blessed us with more Relic space (alongside a sweet new addition to Penacony’s story). If you’re still trying to snag Aventurine on the current banner, be sure to consult Pocket Tactics’ handy Honkai Star Rail codes guide for that extra injection of Stellar Jade.