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FC 24 streamer Bateson87 crowns Barcelona star as game’s “best player”

If you want to know who the best FC 24 player is ahead of the full release on Xbox and PS5, Bateson87 crowns a Barcelona midfielder in a recent Twitch stream.

FC 24 best player Bateson87 Putellas: an image of the Barcelona player

We know EA Sports’ FC 24 isn’t even fully out and available yet, but quite a few FIFA veterans are already spending a lot of their free time playing this new soccer game. Sure, this might mean that you’re going to come across some tough squads when you jump into Division Rivals, but it also means that there’s some fantastic advice out there for you to check out. For example, if you want to know who the best FC 24 player is right now, we have you covered – and it might not be who you think it is.

During a recent stream where he was throwing together a FUT squad worth around two million coins, FC 24 content creator and FIFA veteran Jamie ‘Bateson87‘ Bateson reveals that Barcelona midfielder Alexia Putellas is “the best player [he] has played with” in FC 24 so far. With one of the highest FC 24 women’s ratings, this might not sound like much of a surprise to some of you. However, when you look at some of the best FC 24 strikers and best FC 24 wingers available, it’s certainly something of a surprise to see a CM take the top spot – at least in Bateson87’s opinion.

As you can see for yourself below, though, Bateson87 is adding the green-colored Nike early access promo version of Alexia Putellas to his squad when he drops this comment. While this will cost you a little more coin-wise, the stats for this version of the player are actually identical to her base version. So, you don’t actually need to worry about missing out on one of the best FC 24 CM options if you don’t have early access. Every version of Alexia Putellas currently available boasts 90 SHO, 91 PAS, and 92 DRI – all incredible stats for a midfielder.

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If you’re hoping to add Alexia Putellas to your best FC 24 starter team, though, you may want to look at some alternatives – at least for now. Both the standard version and the Nike early access promo version of the player will set you back at least 1,000,000 coins right now – according to FUTBIN. It’s not an impossible amount, but it’s certainly a little more than you’re going to have when you’re starting out.

We know Alexia Putellas is sitting nicely at the top of our FC 24 ratings list, but it’s still something of a surprise to see her crowned as the game’s best player. She’s not one of the fastest FC 24 players out there, for one. We know the new FC 24 PlayStyles are diversifying gameplay more, but pace is still an important part of the game. However, it’s clear that she can strike the ball – and pass it – with the best of them and her ball control make her someone you really should try getting for your own squad.

If you want to know a little more about what you’re getting yourself into when the full FC 24 release date rolls around, though, you can read up on all the best FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolution upgrades right here. It’s also going to be worth checking out what those FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions actually are, if you’re not too sure. You can also find our predictions for the FC 24 TOTW 2 squad right here – which we’ll update with the official line-up when it’s available.