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The 10 best FC 24 LM players and top alternatives

From Kingsley Coman to Federico Chiesa, Megan Rapinoe to Leah Galton, here are the best FC 24 LM players in EA's latest PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch game.

EA FC 24 best LM: Carrasco and Coman

Deftly shifting between defensive and offensive duties on the left flank, the best FC 24 LM players are expected to provide width and directness in attacking build-ups, while tracking back and ensuring their defense isn’t left exposed when the run of play is against them. Though they don’t naturally sit as high up the pitch as wingers, you’ll often find LMs booking it for the byline to whip in a mean cross.

Picking out the sports game’s most dangerous left midfielders from our EA FC 24 ratings list, this guide will give you the full rundown on who the best LMs to use in FC 24 are – be it in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team or even EA FC 24 Career Mode. We’ll also be offering up some top picks outside of the top 10 that can either dominate the opposition, or serve as more budget-friendly options if you don’t have the UT Coins or Career Mode dollars to stump up for the top talents.

Best FC 24 LM

The best FC 24 LM players are:

  • Kingsley Coman – 85
  • Megan Rapinoe – 85
  • Federico Chiesa – 84
  • Yannick Carrasco – 84
  • Klara Bühl – 83
  • Filip Kostić – 83
  • Tabea Sellner – 83
  • Leah Galton – 83
  • Oyarzabal – 83
  • Sofia Jakobsson – 82

While Kingsley Coman tops the list this year, we’d argue that Federico Chiesa is a better card – at least based on the six major stats. Additionally, thanks to the Rapid PlayStyle+, Chiesa makes for a ridiculously-potent winger – both on the left and the right – alongside his prowess as a LM.

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Megan Rapinoe is an absolute icon of the game, and despite the 38 year-old’s retirement from national team duty, she’s still one of the very best in the game. Though she lacks the pace of the more popular attacking players who operate on the flanks, she is primed to operate as an inverted attacker, cutting inside and making great use of that 85 Shooting stat to hit the back of the net.

Elsewhere on the list, there are downgrades this year to the likes of Yannick Carrasco and Filip Kostić, with both players struggling to make it happen domestically last season.

EA FC 24 LM top alternatives

While the left-midfielders listed above are best-in-class when it comes to LM as the primary role, that’s not to say there aren’t other players out there that can do a better job coming in from elsewhere. Additionally, as you look to develop your career mode team, you’ll want to bring in younger players who can excel long-term. For example, we have:

  • Guro Reiten – 88
  • Mallory Swanson – 86
  • Ansu Fati – 78

First up we have Chelsea’s Guro Reiten. If you’re looking for a winger with a wicked cross who can also play at LM, then she’s the one for you. Sporting a variety of top quality PlayStyles like Finesse Shot, Whipped Crosser, and Incisive Pass, Reiten really can do it all out on the flank. And if you fancy switching things up, you can easily run her as a CAM.

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Next up is the absolutely rapid Mallory Swanson, who like Reiten also naturally occupies the LW position. Thanks to her five-star weak foot, Swanson can easily switch between inverted and non-inverted roles, providing plenty of threat.

Finally, FUT and Career Mode players alike should absolutely be all over Ansu Fati right now. The FC 24 Wonderkid has some of the highest Career Mode potential, and is also an absolute monster when kitted out with the best FC 24 Evolutions.

The importance of LM players in EA FC 24

The left midfield role is crucial to a number of the best EA FC 24 formations – especially the classic 4-4-2. As a more balanced role in terms of offensive and defensive responsibilities than an out-and-out winger, LMs are an important addition to teams looking to control the full width and breadth of the pitch.

The best FC 24 LM players can not only carry the ball well, but can whip in dangerous balls to their teammates rushing into the box with pinpoint precision. Conversely, when play turns over, LMs need to have the stamina to turn-tail and quickly track back to snuff out any danger down the line.

And that’s our list of the best FC 24 LM ratings and alternatives. As ageing stars begin to drop down the list, others are on the up as they’re approaching their peaks.

Before you go, be sure to familiarize yourself with the FC 24 PlayStyles each player possesses. Additionally, make sure you’re using the FC 24 Web App to ensure you never miss an absolute FUT steal on the best players in one of the best soccer games. See you pitchside.