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Destiny 2 Verglas Curve - how to get and unlock the weapon

Here’s how to get and unlock the Destiny 2 Verglas Curve bow so you can take the fight to The Witness in style with this flashy new Exotic weapon.

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve how to get and unlock - The Verglas Curve Exotic bow, the Season 20: Season of Defiance weapon.

The Verglas Curve Stasis Exotic bow is one of the new weapons you’ll be using to take the fight to Calus on Neomuna and defend Earth against the Black Fleet. Here’s how to get Destiny 2 Verglas Curve, it’s Exotic perks, and what it does.

Knowing how to get Destiny 2 Verglas Curve will no doubt be a great boon in your fight against The Witness and its allies. There’s also plenty of other Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons or Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic armour pieces that you’ll be adding to your collection. Some of which may even rank among the best Destiny 2 PvE weapons or best Destiny 2 PvP weapons. We’ve had time to use Verglas Curve in a variety of content for our Destiny 2 Lightfall review.

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve – how to get it

The Verglas Curve in Destiny 2 is obtained from the Season 20: Season of Defiance battle pass at rank 1 for those who purchase the premium battle pass, and rank 35 for those with the free pass.

Here are the Verglas Curve weapon perks:

  • Hail Barrage – final blows with this weapon grant Stasis arrows. Your next hip-fire shot will fire all of them in a single volley.
  • Hail Storm – Stasis arrows freeze targets on contact and create Stasis crystals when affecting the environment.
  • Natural String – slightly increases accuracy, handling speed, and stability.
  • Straight Fletching – increases accuracy.

Verglas Curve is the season pass weapon for Season 20 so you’ll likely see a lot of players running around with it in Neomuna, Strikes, and Crucible. While it can be obtained right away if you own the premium track of the Season of Defiance battle pass, it can still be obtained for free once you reach rank 35 in the battle pass.

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve Catalyst – how to get it

To get the Verglas Curve Catalyst in Destiny 2, complete the Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet quest as part of Season 20: Season of Defiance.

Once you’ve picked up the Verglas Curve Exotic bow from the seasonal battle pass, head over to Banshee-44 in the Tower to obtain the Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet quest for the Verglas Curve Catalyst. Complete the quest and all its objectives to earn the Verglas Curve Catalyst.

Here are the Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet quest steps:

  • Step 1: Rapidly defeat 20 targets
  • Step 1: Defeat 40 targets with Stasis final blows
  • Step 2: Generate 200 calibration data by completing Vanguard Ops, Crucible, Gambit, or Seasonal playlist activities
  • Step 2: Defeat 450 targets
  • Step 3: Return to Banshee-44

While you don’t need to use the bow to get the Verglas Curve Catalyst, the weapon is surprisingly good, and works well even if you’re not using a Stasis subclass.

Destiny 2 Verglas Curve is a strong Exotic bow overall, acting as a Stasis version of Ticuu’s Divination in many ways. If you’re running a Stasis build, Verglas Curve will be able to unleash volleys of Stasis arrows that will freeze targets and create Stasis crystals. This plays into the strong gameplay loop of Stasis builds in general.

Now that you know how to get and unlock the Destiny 2 Verglas Curve, you’re nearly ready to take the fight to The Witness. Make sure to create the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Hunter build to make full use of your powers as a Guardian. Likewise, find out how to weaponise Strand with all the Destiny 2 Strand weapons available right now.